Thursday, 3 August 2017

Thursday - trip into town.

We were at the bus stop by 9.45, the bus did turn up about 10 minutes late. Once in town we went into the bank, we have to go in and prove DB's identity to change one of the savings accounts into a joint account so he can draw money too. He went off to the opticians to get his eyes tested, he does not need new glasses but his cataract is now ready to be sorted, so he has been referred. I am not looking forward to that!!

I had a wander round the shops in the town centre and picked up a couple of things we needed before going back to pick DB up. Had a cup of tea with DD although she was working, they were not too busy. She has managed to negotiate her hours down to a 4 day week which will be much better for her. She will take a hit money wise, but seems quite happy to do so.

Our neighbours son has just left on his long journey back to South Africa, he will not get home until 6.30 pm tomorrow night. She is on her own for the first time since P died, so doubtless will be feeling it. I did go over for an hour yesterday afternoon.

We are out tomorrow, going to see my quilting friend and take her some goodies from the garden as well as a couple of magazines. So no Friday clean it will have to wait till saturday this week. I need to
pick some beans for her.

Supper tonight , stovies I bought a tin of corned beef last week, will use half of it in stovies and slice the rest for sandwiches for the next couple of days lunches. Saturday afternoon is Presidents day at the bowls club, so I will have to put on a frock and go. Thankfully its only once a season.


  1. Sounds like you got plenty achieved.

  2. It's good to hear about your full and busy day, but best that DB doesn't need new glasses after all. Those will wait until after cataract surgery. Both DH and I need that at our tender ages of 66.

    Have a wonderful time with your dear quiltie friend tomorrow!

    The folks came to see the house next door and seem not only very interested in the house, but also nice people who DH says will make good neighbors. Now to reach a fair and reasonable price for the house and the nearly 5 acres.

    Heaven help us as this process moves forward.



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