Sunday, 22 October 2017

Some one is enjoying himself


Our usual Sunday breakfast and then up, shower and off to Aldi to do some shopping, I ended up buying more than was on my list, but it should keep me going for another 2 weeks.

We carried on to DD2's her kitchen is painted and ready for the floor to go down, its another 2 weeks before the units get put in, so half her kitchen stuff is in the living room. 

Its been very windy here for the last 2 days but not a lot of rain, its bitter out side so I have lit the sitting room fire. I will fire the central heating up later.

Roast pork for supper with roast spuds, cauli, calabrese and carrots, I have put some thick sliced courgette under the pork, yummy. No dessert planned....

We collected wedding cake from DD2 and had it with our afternoon tea, It was very nice although DB was not too keen on the fruit cake layer he had.

Heard from my Oz niece, her grand daughter was awake at 4.30am this morning.......I am so glad they are not staying with us.

I got stuck into a book last night and read until after 1am, a bit dopey first thing.

Saturday, 21 October 2017


We were late waking this morning and I was even later getting up!! DB brought me my breakfast in bed. He went out into the garden, whilst I sorted out tonight supper, beef casserole and veggies. We did not finish the strawberries in jelly last night, so there is enough for tonight.

It was very sunny this morning, but a strong wind blowing, according to the forecast we are due the storm later this evening.

No sewing done, I really must buckle down and get the legs sorted on those track suit trousers.

We both had a rest after lunch, DB slept, I was reading. We spent the afternoon watching repeats of Lewis.

Life is a bit flat after last Sunday, one photograph has come through from those the photographer took.

Bex and Joe cutting their cake, unusual in black and white, but I really like it.

The holiday seems to be going well, apart from a monsoon on Thursday.

My niece and her family have arrived safe and sound. They will be catching up with friends and relatives whilst they are here. Their little Grand daughter was very good on the flight, which was a relief for them, its a long flight from Aus. We will be catching up with them in two weeks when the honeymooners get back.

Friday, 20 October 2017


Woke to bright sunshine, but it soon dulled down and began to rain, after lunch it got steadily colder.

Friday clean done, we were late waking so the morning was gone by the time I finished. I made a pot of lentil soup for lunch, with some bread and butter.

I did lay down after lunch, but did not manage to sleep, OH did, I have a pair of track suit trousers to take up, will try and get them done over the weekend. I hate turning trousers up, especially if I have to cut the extra fabric off.

Fish, chips and peas for supper tonight, will finish off the strawberries in jelly in the fridge for dessert.

I wonder how far round the world my niece is with her family, they left yesterday, although that was Friday in Oz. Guess they will land sometime tomorrow. Will be glad they have got here safely.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


and its wet.

DB wanted to go and get his ears syringed, so up early and off to the Drs. We were there about an hour. Apparently now, if you ask to see the nurse and you have not been seen by a Doctor, and referred, you have to see the Doctor first. What a waste of time, it took us at least an extra half an hour.

When we got out of the surgery it was chucking it down, so no gardening and no shed work.

I logged onto my bank account as I do every morning, to my surprise SSE have repaid me £100+ from our gas account. Why? that money will certainly be quickly used up once the central heating is on all day, they have also reduced the direct debit, how daft is that.................however its better gaining interest in my bank rather than theirs.

No idea whats for supper, last nights cheese pie and beans went down well, we will eat the left over beans on toast at lunchtime. Have just used up some of the frozen strawberries in jelly for dessert. Think I might get sausage out and do sausage with mash and veg. I can cook the sausage in the remoska and make the gravy in the pan as the sausages cook.

We are running out of milk and bread, hopefully we have enough milk to last till Sunday, we are going to DD2's to collect our wedding cake, so can call at Aldi. I might not need to shop until the first week in November then. There is still plenty of meat in the freezer. I might need a bit of fruit and salad stuff to keep me going now the garden has more or less stopped producing.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Denny and Gran dad on his travels.

Family arrived safe and sound in Mexico, Denny behaved very well on the flight, so a pleasant journey for everyone.

Its been a nasty day, very overcast and when we went out this afternoon it was wet with the horrid smirr which wets you through.

I managed to do the ironing this morning whilst DB was out in his man shed and also prepped cheese pie for supper. After DB had his siesta we went to Dove Cottage tea room for tea, scones jam and cream. A small personal celebration. I fell again for a small crystal preserve jar with a lid......oh dear I am supposed to be down sizing my crystal.

It was so cold when we got back so I lit the fire,

An evening by the fire watching TV I think.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Windy Tuesday

It was late yesterday afternoon before the wind really reached us. after lunch the sky turned a really funny colour which lasted for about half an hour. By supper time the wind was really gusting but not nearly so bad as other people had it.

This morning we have bright sun, but its windy and the wind is keeping things cooler.

DD1, DSIL and the newly weds are due to fly to Mexico this morning, I know Manchester airport was closed for most of yesterday, I hope today is better and they are able to get off. Mind you I would hesitate to take a baby on a 10 hour flight, I hope he sleeps most of the way for the other passengers sake.

I slept ok last night, but do feel very tired today, so am going to have a steady day. I need to finish off the Monday clean, only managed to change the bed and hang the laundry out yesterday. There is a pile of ironing but it will have to wait.

I had asked my neighbours cleaners to contact me but they have not done so. I will be looking elsewhere for someone to clean for me. If they cannot be bothered to ring, then I cannot be bothered to employ them!!

Photos are still coming in from the wedding, there is one from the official photographer which is very nice, I look forward to seeing the rest.

I managed to get 2 lots of washing dry on the line. So laundry is up to date.

Egg and chips for supper tonight....... strawberries have finished, so it will be the last of the tinned peaches tonight, how have the mighty fallen????

Monday, 16 October 2017


Back down to earth after yesterday's frivolity.

Just a couple more photos................

Brides Mum and Dad

Nanny with Denny Joe.

 They managed to get a little suit for him to match the pageboys. We had a bit of a laugh when the photographer wanted to take the page boys with the bride and groom, one of the little boys decided he had enough and started to pull faces, no way was he going to stand and smile. In the end despite pleas from his mother the photographer just went ahead and took the photo!! The tongue was out and the eyes crossed, can't wait to see it.

They are all off today for the Honeymoon, Nanny and Grandpa are going look after Denny.

Its a funny morning, quite breezy and we keep getting a few drops of rain. The bed linen is out on the line, the chiropodist has come, so our feet are ok to go.

DB has been out in the garden for a while sorting out a bed for the overwinter veggies to go in.

I had a bit of a scare this morning, went to pay the chiropodist and could not find my cheque book, I knew I had it last week, so it must be in the house. Found it eventually in the side pocket of my bag, even though I had looked in there a couple of times......phew, I was on the verge of ringing the bank!!

Quiche, salad and jacket spud for supper, DB has picked a few more strawberries so we will have them for dessert.

Sorry just had to add a few more pictures.....

Denny arriving at the wedding in his pirate ship

And again

The little bridesmaids with their page boy

Page boy and chief bridesmaid

The bride with her Father arriving for the wedding.

The ceremony was conducted in the gazebo in the garden decorated with flowers and black watch tartan ribbons. There were also photos of DGD's grandfather and Uncle Nick, who sadly passed away. DGD wanted them to be part of her wedding.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Today is the day

For some reason I had a good night, did not wake at all until 6.30 and then dozed off for another hour or so.

Not a nice morning, very grey, but we are not forecast rain at all today, fingers crossed.

No point getting up early, so we had our usual breakfast in bed and read for a while, eventually feet hit the floor at 10.30. Showered washed my hair and dressed in underclothes, we planned to have a snack before we set off, once I cooled down I did my sparse makeup I do not wear makeup these days, so it has to be a special occasion for me to dig it out. Dressed just before we set off, did not think the rest of the guests would appreciate DB in his old track suit and me in my undies and dressing gown.

DB said his headache was not good when he woke up but improved during the morning, He took the travel pills before we set off and, just in case, I put an extra couple in my bag.

The Bride and Groom

The bride

The Bride with her Mum and Dad.

The wedding went off ok, as I predicted the bridegroom was in tears before we started, but he made it through his vows and came out the other side. Denny came to the wedding in a pirate boat, pulled by one of the page raised a few smiles. Hr had a nasty cold and DD1 said he had not slept all night, go hopefully he will sleep tonight. They are off on Honeymoon tomorrow.

We stayed whilst they took the photos and then came home, so we were home whilst it was still light. I have to confess I was happy to get out of my wedding clothes and back into my scruffs. Dressing up seems to be a lot of effort these days.

DB was ok, he took the tablet before we left.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Wedding Day minus one

What would I not give to be a fly on the wall at my daughters house today, it will be bedlam!! I hope the groom manages to control his nerves, he was bad enough proposing in front of 10 people, heaven knows what he will be like saying his vows in front of over a hundred. My mother always kept a bottle of smelling salts in her pocket on such occasions, and she had to use them more than once to rescue either a fainting bride or groom.

Its quite a sunny day, DB has finished painting the shed, he said it was quite warm outside. I was a bit late getting up this morning, so have not been outside.

Decided on shepherds pie for supper with veg. DB picked strawberries from the garden this morning, so strawberries and ice cream for dessert.

I have made 3 lavender bags, going to fill them and see what they look like, I have some pale lavender ribbon, will make some bows to sew on.

DB is going for his siesta, I will lay on the bed in the sewing room and read for a while I think.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy  all being well.

Friday, 13 October 2017


We did manage up by 8.30am this morning, DB was out putting more preservative on the shed, its almost finished, the door is going to need a second coat.

I stripped the kitchen and washed the floor, so its all speakling now.

Jan... if you send me a comment with your email in, I will obviously not publish it, I will then email you about the table centre.

Its a fine day, but the wind is getting up, we are forecast a hurricane, not looking forward to that.

I spoke to the Dr this morning, he has agreed that DB can take the anti sickness tablets with his medication with no ill effect, so he will be going with me to the wedding. We will stay for the photos and then come home. I think DB will have had enough by then.

Sundays bride and groom with their 7 month old son Denny.

I have one of the wall hangings to sew the binding on, then the box will be coming out and I will see what I have got before deciding what else to do. I will probably do some lavender bags for the £1 box with the tissue covers.

Fish and chips tonight, no dessert........

Thursday, 12 October 2017


Another late start this morning, it was after 9am. Will have to set the alarm tonight, half the morning is gone before I get my feet on the floor.

Its been a fine day, blue sky, I got a load of laundry dry on the line, its airing now.

I have given in and asked my neighbours cleaners to get in touch with me, will probably try for once a fortnight for a through clean. I can do bits in between.  Will also be looking for a gardener in the spring.

The shoes I paid for on Monday have arrived and fit ok, so thats me set for the wedding. No idea if DB is going with me to the service, since he has started with travel sickness , I doubt it. 

DB has painted the front of the shed with preservative, I have made another wall hanging, I have to sew the binding down on both of them now, will do it tonight whilst watching TV.

Ham fritatta for supper tonight, have made a salad and we will finish off the potato salad from the other night. I was going to make stovies but DB said he would like the corned beef in sandwiches for lunch, so stovies will have to wait for another week.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Well not a good start to the day, we overslept, it was 9am before my feet touched the floor.

Once we had our weetabix DB went out to the shed to shell the drying beans, we have half a kilner jar for soup or stews.

I started the last of the pot holders and have now finished them, have also cut out the bits for the two wall hangings and also have one ready for binding, so not a bad day in that respect. I just have to sew the seam in the pot holder where I turned it through and give it a final press.

DB is not happy the forecast was for rain, so he decided not to do more of the preservative on the shed, it has not rained........

Mince and dough balls for supper, have some french beans, carrot and cauliflower to go with it.

I think it was Jan who asked if I sell on the net, I don't, depending on what you actually want if you send me a private message with your email, I will see what I can do, need some idea of size colours etc. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


It has been a fine but cold day, the sun is out but not a lot of heat in it.

DB wriggled and sniffed a bit last night but eventually went to sleep, I slept ok, woke briefly just a couple of times. Still felt shattered when I got up though. I am not sure the medication is really having the effect it should.

DB spent time this morning putting preservative on the shed, I did a bit of sewing after I did the delayed Monday clean. I have done more sewing this afternoon DB went for his siesta, I decided to work on the machine. Another couple of pot holders done and also a mat for hot dishes on the table. Tomorrow I am going to start on the Christmas Tree wall hangings, just a couple, I think there is already one in the box, which is getting rather full now. We will have to empty it out and price everything up, so we are ready to go.

My niece and her family are coming over to the UK from Oz in the next couple of weeks, its 3 years since they emigrated, it will be good to see them. I think there is a get together planned for bonfire night.

Corned beef and salad for supper, I made potato salad to go with the lettuce etc.......... no dessert planned.

Monday, 9 October 2017


A reasonable night sleep, I am moving back into the big bed tonight, see how we get on.

No Monday clean done. I was to the hairdressers at 9am getting my hair cut and styled, its now quite short and I have a fringe. I picked DB up and we set off for Melton, I left him with my daughter in vision express for her to sort out his glasses.

I went to get a card for DGD's wedding on Sunday and then to Clarks for shoes. The ones on the shop were too tight so they have ordered a wider pair which will come straight to us here. Collected DB and walked down to Boyes for a few bits we needed.

We got home just before 12noon. DB said he felt sick half an hour in his relaxa chair till it went off.

We both had an hours siesta, DB went out to carry on painting the preservative on the shed. I made a couple of scissor holders and then cut out some insul bright to make some pot holders with some of the strips I had in my strip box. I have finished one, have 2 more to do. I might also do a couple with Christmas fabric. I tried on my dress for Sunday to make sure it still fitted ok. I could do with a spandex, but there is no chance........cannot bear to be squeezed in.

Gammon steaks, jacket spuds, fried egg and tomato's for supper. No dessert.

Sunday, 8 October 2017


A lovely sunny but cold Sunday, blue skies for most of the day.

We enjoyed the harvest supper at the little chapel, The pastor always puts on an excellent meal, cold meats, various salads, jacket spuds and a selection of delicious desserts. It was, as usual, well attended. Our neighbour had decided not to go at the last minute, she seems wary of meeting villagers who knew her husband for some reason. She does go to chapel, but I cannot see her joining in anything in the village. its a shame, there are quite a few ladies in the village in her position and I am sure she would not be short of company. How ever its her choice.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed and a lie in. DB went out and did a bit more painting of preservative on the shed, he just has one bit of the back still to do.

The lens fell out of his glasses again last night, fortunately J had a small screwdriver in her bag and sorted it out, but we need to go into town tomorrow and get it fixed properly. I have some shopping I need to do at the same time, so kill three birds with one stone.

No sewing yet again today, I really must try and get some done this week......time is marching on. My friend was at the supper and said that the last two bags I made were very well received.

Supper tonight, I had a large chicken breast, so made some spricot stuffing, made a cavity in the breast and stuffed it, lemon pepper, wrapped it in bacon and its in a foil parcel in the remoska. I will undo the foil 15 minutes before its done to colour up the top. No idea if we will have a dessert at all, will see.

Saturday, 7 October 2017


Slept better last night, I was so tired I did not have a shower, just climbed into bed and zonk.

DB brought me my breakfast in bed. He spent a while in the garden sorting the wood out that was left from putting up the shed., he also found a packet of roofing nails which we will give to R. I guess he will be able to use them.

We are out this evening, its the harvest supper at the Chapel, not sure if our neighbour is going with us or not, will wait and see.  Its usually very well attended.

DB is struggling a bit with his headache, we have not heard anything about a quicker appointment, very disappointed, I would have thought a second letter from our GP would at least elicit some response.

We have had some rain, enough for us not to have to water the grass until Monday, if it keeps up like this we will not have to water it at all. Its looking very nice and green, wish I had the other side done as well, but cannot afford it, it looks as if I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new fridge freezer, the old one keeps icing up in the freezer, its supposed to be frost free......hmmmm..

No sewing done again, I just do not seem to be able to work up any enthusiasm......I need to get my butt into gear and get a few more bits made for the fair.

Friday, 6 October 2017


No grass watering today, it is going to rain tonight........and tomorrow, so we may not need to water until next week.

DB started to paint preservative on the shed this morning, he has done one panel. At the rate he is going it could take him a week to do it!!

Friday clean done, I did not do the kitchen floor as DB was in the garden in his boots, so I knew there would be mud on the floor at some point. I will do it tomorrow.

I found the pattern for the scissor case, and made one up, I was not too happy with it, so will have another go tomorrow, I need to make the pattern a bit smaller. possibly 8 x 91/2". I have a feeling the original pattern was a 9" square. I may use interfacing rather tan wadding, the machine does not seem to like the thick seams.

I had a bad night last night, although DB slept ok, At least I could read without waking him. I can see the sewing room bed becoming permanent.

Fish, chips and peas for supper tonight.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

New Grass Day plus one

We had rain last night, so no watering of the grass needed, if it does not rain tomorrow we will have to water on Saturday night.

A better night's sleep for both of us, I have not had to get up in the night for the loo for the last few nights, so hopefully, that's a thing of the past.

DB had an appointment for a haircut this morning and then a visit to the orthotics department at our local hospital to get another pair of insoles for his shoes.

It was a pleasant drive over the hills and down into town, but by mid afternoon it was starting to get chilly. It was quite warm in the sun, but the wind has started to get up again.

DB emptied the last three crates in the shed, I put the compost bin back in the sentry box near to where the plants and pots are stored. I need to sort out the geraniums before the frost takes them off.

When I got a delivery from Muscle Foods, there was a carton of meat balls in the order, I have cooked them and made tomato sauce, we will have half of them with spaghetti and garlic bread for supper tonight, the rest will be frozen against another supper.

No sewing done, I must get my sewing hat on, the month is passing quickly, I need to make some Non Christmas stuff for the stall. The date is looming ever closer.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

New Grass Day

As I came through after my shower this morning, it sounded as though they were digging up the road again, when I looked out of the front door, there was a chap with a rotavator churning up the front lawn.

The noise continued for quite some time. We left to go to the chapel for the coffee morning, when we got back........

It looked like this....... grass laid and being rollered. A good job done by all. If it does not rain tonight we have to water it  tomorrow and then every second night

DB asked for the bits that were left and he has laid it where the slabs came up  for the shed to be erected.

After lunch DB went for his rest and after a cup of tea we went out to continue putting stuff back into the new shed. We spent just over an hour out there before my back told me it was time to stop!! Not much more to find space for. We have to get a piece of peg board to hang the hand tools on. I have re- assembled the handle on the mower so DB can cut the back grass. I am going to have to do a job on it with a wire rake. Advised to use a high nitrogen feed to get rid of the clover.

I was given a bag of eating apples at the coffee morning, golden delicious, very crisp and fresh. I had one after my lunch.

Supper tonight, Ham salad, jacket potato and salad. might have a choc ice for dessert.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Shed Day

Awful night DB was fidgeting for England it was after 3am before I got off to sleep, I was awake just after 8am. Decided just to change the bed and clean the bedroom will do the wet room tomorrow.  

Laundry out on the line, it was quite windy so it dried fairly quickly.  We did not have the high winds that the north and Scotland had. It did blow the large plant pot over again, I need to sort it out and may be try and strike some more cuttings for next year.

DB spent most of the morning trying to find out when the chaps were coming to erect the shed, they landed just after 4pm, having already done a job in Northampton.

Sorting out the bits

Starting to assemble the base

Base in place

Levelling the base

Roof bearers going on

Its starting to look like a shed.

Roof supports going in.

Roof on.

Putting on the felt

DB inspecting his new shed.

He now has to put preservative on it, we can start putting the stuff back in, first to go in will be the stuff from the coal house. The shelf units will need washing down and I need to put the legs back on the table that is going in.

Today would have been Nicholas's 47th birthday, it is almost 2 years since he died. It is still very raw and there is not a day goes by that we do not speak about him. Had he still been alive he would have put the shed up for us. His eldest niece gets married in 2 weeks, she will miss him that day too. There is a star in the sky named for him, which always seems to shine extra brightly.

Simple supper, egg, chips and beans, DB picked the last raspberries and 3 strawberries when he was out in the garden. We will have them for dessert.

Sunday, 1 October 2017


I was off into town just before 10am, visited three shops, Aldi, Lidl and Morrison, was home again, shattered by 12 noon. Left DB in bed, he was up when I got back and helped to put the shopping away.

It was a misty start, the sun did attempt to shine but this afternoon it clouded over again and the wind began to rise. I hope its not too windy, the shed is still on the back lawn, do not want to find it in someone else's garden in the morning. Hopefully they will be here sometime tomorrow to erect it.

I retired to the day bed after lunch for a rest, did not drop off but spent time reading.

Supper prepped ready to cook, roast pork, roast potatoes, cauli, calebrese, carrot. No dessert, if he wants something after he can have a choc ice cream.

I need to get my mind into gear and get a few more things done for the fair, I have an experimental bag on the go, not sure I will be  making another like it. I want to do some small mats/pot holders and a couple of Christmas tree wall hangings.

Saturday, 30 September 2017


We were very late putting the lights out last night, so today has been a slow day. We had a late breakfast so meals were late all day. Chicken and rice with mixed veg for supper. I had a pizza in the freezer which we had at lunch time.

We both had a nap after lunch.

I managed to get towels dry on the line, got them in just before it started to rain!!

DB has had his talking to and seems to have taken it on board for now......we will see how long it will last.  I have to slag him off every time he is not well, I am getting really tired of doing it. He walked up to look at the shed this morning. We are forecast high winds tomorrow and Monday, I am really hoping that bits of the shed do not take off......its due to be very windy monday as well, I doubt they will come to put it up.

No sewing done. I must get back to it next week. The fair is coming ever closer.

 I need to go shopping in the morning, I am leaving DB at home while I go, he has his alarm, so he should be ok.  Visits to Aldi, Morrison and Lidl....... menu plan done for 2 weeks.

Friday, 29 September 2017


DB finally made it home at 8.40pm last night. He had waited over 5 hours for transport. I had rung at 7.45 to be told he was still in the ward.

We both slept ok and he was still asleep when I got up at 7am to await the delivery of the shed. It arrived just after 7.30 and the chaps carried it round into the garden, laying it on the grass. It will be erected on Monday.

The bits for the shed on the grass.

The wood for the base, it took the two chaps to carry this in its very heavy. The felt for the roof is leaning on the side of the house.

It was a murky morning and started to rain, I did manage to get the Friday clean done, including mopping the kitchen floor, which was filthy. I also had a bit of laundry which I dried on the radiators.

DB got up after his lunch, I had a nana nap for half an hour or so before he got up.

The weather cleared after lunch, it looks like we are in for a fine afternoon.

I cooked supper for us both last night, plated DB's up, I will have that tonight and cook him fish and chips.

Thursday, 28 September 2017


Not a bad night, woke just before 7am and lay reading for an hour before getting some breakfast, finally hit the floor at 9am.

DB phoned to say that he was hoping to come home, waiting to see the Drs. He phoned again to say that the Dr had gone to sign him off and discovered that the results from yesterdays blood test were not in the notes, he would not sign his release, so DB is waiting on the results of a blood test taken at lunch time. His transport has been arranged.

I went to the PO to draw some cash and post a parcel, collected the TV Choice. Back home cooked a beef casserole in the pressure cooker for supper and also prepped the veg.

Sitting waiting is tiring, I fell asleep.

Last night my tablet did an update and then the thing froze, I could not get the damn thing to unfreeze, so shut it off in disgust, I just switched it on now and its working......b****y thing, still at least I have access to books to read on it now.

The shed comes tomorrow, I could really do with going shopping, but doubt I am going to manage, depends how DB is when he gets home. He said yesterday he had a bad night Tuesday, it was very noisy, they moved him last night and he had a better night, but I guess he will sleep the clock round, if he finally does get home today.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


DB was kept in overnight, there was talk fo him coming home today, till he fell in the bathroom, he has had another CT scan and more blood tests, I doubt he will be home today either.

I went in to see him this afternoon, had to wait almost an hour for a parking space in the car park nearest to where he is. Stayed just over an hour before driving home.

A disturbed night last night, was late going to sleep and then woke at 4am, not much sleep after that, so hopefully I will sleep ok tonight.

I had laundry in the machine, so hung it out and it has dried, its on the rads airing before being put away.

Several of the neighbours came to the door or phoned, they saw the ambulance yesterday. I also sold the small dryer I had been trying to get rid of, it was collected this morning.

Quick supper for me, egg and chips, not really very hungry, I took beef out yesterday will have to cook it tomorrow regardless, it may end up being frozen again once its cooked.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


We both slept better last night, it looks like sleeping apart may have to become permanent, will see how we go.

Very murky first thing, it did brighten up a bit towards lunchtime, DB went out into the garden for an hour. Whilst he was out my machine returned, it is unpacked and back on the table ready to go. I might do some sewing this afternoon, depends how I feel.

I made a pot of leek and potato soup for lunch using up the liquor from the gammon, enough left for tomorrow.

I took the car for its service this morning, will nip and collect it later this afternoon, the garage is just round the corner, so not far to have to walk. Will take DB with me.

Dismantled some of the stuff in the sentry box to find the spanners, have taken the legs off the small table, its propped against the wall waiting to go to its new home.

All day breakfast for supper tonight......bacon egg, tomato and fried bread.

Well DB had 3 attacks of breathlessness, I phoned the Dr. Who told me to phone for an ambulance, he is on his way to Glenfield for assessment, we need to get to the bottom of whats going on. 

Monday, 25 September 2017


Terrible night DB very restless, I am sleeping in the sewing room tonight, I need sleep.

I contacted my daughter this morning and told her that DB would not be going to the wedding and I would only be there for the service and then come home. I am upset, but I cannot leave DB for hours and then have to drive home in the dark along roads I am not familiar with.

I have sold the last hoop for the embroidery machine, its to quilt blocks, it has gone to the lady who bought the machine. My sewing machine should be back tomorrow, all shiny and new. I need to buckle down and finish the stuff for the fair in November.

It was raining when we finally got up this morning, it stopped around lunchtime, but its very dull. I just did the wet room this morning, will do the bedroom tomorrow. I have to take the car in for service in the morning, so will be without it it all day.

On the countdown for the shed, this time next week we should have it up. DB wants to treat the floor with wood preservative before we move anything into it, so it may be a couple of days before we start unpacking all the stuff thats to go back in. I cannot wait. There is a table in the sewing room which is going out there. I need to get to the spanners to get the legs off.

Gammon salad for supper tonight with new potato's, looks like it might be choc ice for dessert.

Sunday, 24 September 2017


A bright sunny morning, the sun is warming the sitting room quite nicely, its not too cold out either, is this the start of an Indian Summer? I am not holding my breath!!

Usual sunday breakfast in bed, we lay reading till just before 10am. The gammon is on in the pressure cooker and the veggies done for tonight.

I am missing my sewing machine, will be so glad to see it back on Tuesday, good as new hopefully. I can get on with some essential sewing.

DB is in the garden, picked some of the french beans, he cut down the climbing beans during the week, the pods are drying off, once they are dry I will pod them and use some for seed next year, the rest will go into a jar to use in soup, stew and casseroles. He is also still picking raspberries and there are a second crop of strawberries ripening too.........

No plans for the rest of the day, just going to chill till its time to sort the supper.

Gammon with mustard sauce, roast potato's and courgette, green beans and carrots. Raspberries and crean for dessert....yum yum....

Saturday, 23 September 2017


DB had an appointment for his flu jab this morning, so a quick trip to the Drs. I cannot have it allergic to the albumen the virus is in.

A reasonable night, woke a couple of times, but went back to sleep ok.

Fine but cold day, we had a brief show of sun but it soon clouded over.

Sad to read today that one of my childhood friends passed away two weeks ago, he was one of a set of twins. Never married but spent time looking after his parents until they died. He was a talented organist.

Supper tonight sausage, mash and veg, no idea whats for dessert if anything.

Friday, 22 September 2017


Fine sunny day but brrrrrr cold.

After having an hours nap yesterday afternoon I had a job to get to sleep last night, managed eventually and slept till just after 8am, did not have to get up to the toilet in the night either.

Sitting room bit of the friday clean done, the kitchen can wait till tomorrow. No laundry to hang out.

I have re made the bed in the sewing room, so if I need to I can go and get in there.  Had a phone call re the shed, it will be delivered next Friday and erected  on Monday 2nd October. Strangely that would have been Nicholas's 47th birthday. Under normal circumstances he would have erected it for us. I will be pleased when its up and we can start putting the stuff in it. DB wants to coat the floor with preservative before anything gets put in it. I will be able to get the little dryer and table out there, giving me more room in the sewing room.

I phoned about my machine yesterday, They discovered that the base was not level, it was 1/8th inch out from one end to the other. They had contacted Janome to be told that it would be 5 months before they could get a new base, it would have to be specially made. DD insisted they took the base off a new machine and sent it to him to be fitted, it arrived on Tuesday. There were a couple of other things that needed sorting the needle threader was crackered, which I knew, and I had also knocked the timing out sewing that last bag, so all together with the service it cost me £240.00 It will be back on Tuesday. No more heavy bag making from now on!!

We are taking my neighbour out for afternoon tea, so better go and sort myself out.

No fish and chips tonight, we might have egg on toast later.

Thursday, 21 September 2017


A better night was had by both of us.

This morning I left DB in bed and went into town shopping, he was up by the time I got back. Still had his headache but this afternoon reported it seemed to be easing. He spent some time in the garden before lunch.

I had hung laundry out before I went out, brought it in after lunch as it clouded over, glad  I did it started to rain just after 3pm and slung it down for quite a while. I ironed the sheets etc, so that jobs done, I can remake the bed in the sewing room in case I need to use it.

DB went for his siesta, after a cup of tea, I took his place and did nod off for about an hour. I have an awful lot of sleep to catch up on.

It has turned quite cold since the rain, so have lit the fire in the sitting room, I will put the sitting room rad off and put the heating on a bit later, the bedroom will be warm when we go to bed.

Just phoned about my machine, its just cost me £245 for service and a couple of things to be put right. Ouch!!! I should get it back on Tuesday. I will be able to get on with some sewing. 

Awful news this week, 4 earthquakes and the horrendous damage done by the hurricane. One of my blog readers lives in New Zealand I hope she is ok.

My grand daughter is due to go to Mexico on honeymoon next month.........

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Yesterday was not a good day, DB and I had 'words' late yesterday afternoon, he now knows exactly how I feel about the situation.

I did not sleep too well last night, DB was restless. I would have gone back into the sewing room except I had stripped the bed to wash the linen. I only have a single duvet cover for that bed. I have bought another one, waiting for it to be delivered.

Towels washed and dried on the line.

Went to the GP's this afternoon, she has already written and asked for an earlier urgent appointment for DB, he has to take 2 tablets at bedtime tonight. I am also on medication for the stress and to help me sleep at night. She admitted she could see that DB had gone down a lot from the last time she saw him. So we wait.......

Booked the car in for a service next week. 

Was going to do pasties for supper, just cannot hack it, so mice and tatties with carrots and french beans. DB picked another load of raspberries.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


A reasonable night last night, have decided to go back into our room tonight, see how I go. Day bed stripped will wash the linen tomorrow.

Line of laundry out this morning, towels in to wash tonight, wet room and toilet cleaned, also did a bit of moving round in the sewing room. I have a pile of ironing to do. Might do it tomorrow.

Its a fine morning DB much as usual, has been out in the garden taking the beans down and sorting out a few bits. His headache is not too bad today, so he says.

Corned beef salad tonight, will do some mash with it for a change. Have taken out mince I plan to make pasties for supper tomorrow, its ages since I made any, DB brought me in a turnip, will grate some to put in with cubed potato.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Thankfully, both of us slept ok, I put the light out early, I was very tired, DB's light was still on.

Stripped the bed, hope to get the laundry dry on the line, its a bit grey looking just now.

I did get the tablet set up yesterday after a false start, have loaded some stuff up on it including borrowbox, was reading a story on there.

After a difficult conversation with DB it has been decided that I will just go to the ceremony for DGD's wedding, DB will stay at home. I will be away for about 3 hours and a neighbour will keep a watching brief on DB. There is no way he is going to be fit to go. I will have to let my daughter know after we have seen the Dr on Wednesday. I am upset but I cannot be away for any longer than that. We were only going to stay for the meal afterwards as it meant we would be travelling home in the dark over roads I do not know. They are having a disco which is not our scene anyway.

Did not do the full Monday clean, by the time I had hung out the laundry and changed the bed, I was about done in, so just did the bedroom, will do the wet room tomorrow.

It's turned out sunny so the laundry has dried, will fetch it in and fold it.

DB having his siesta, he was out in the garden again this morning. I am very concerned about him, the constant headache is affecting him badly. Roll on our visit to the Drs Wednesday, see if I can get them to do something about an earlier appointment. Do not hold out much hope, having to wait that long fills with dread.

Egg chips and beans for supper, just cannot be bothered to do anything else.

In the garden this morning.

Sunday, 17 September 2017


DB did not have a good night, he told me he was still awake at 3am, makes a change, I did sleep ok.

I went into Melton this morning left DB in bed, he was up by the time I got back. The tablet I returned has been credited, I just need to keep an eye on my account to make sure it does come back. I bought a new tablet, its driven me nuts trying to set it up.

Its been a bit of a dull day here and its now trying to rain. Hope its ok tomorrow, its bed change day.

Roast pork spuds, calabrese and carrots for supper. No idea about dessert, it might just be choc ices.

Sorry its a short entry for today. More tomorrow hopefully.

Saturday, 16 September 2017


Thankfully I did have a better night last night in my sewing room, will be in there for another couple of nights and then try back in our room. OH said he put the light out at 11.15 and went straight to sleep. Funny he does not fidget when I am not there.

Finished my medication, not sure the infection has gone, I felt awful first thing.

Did managed to do the delayed Friday clean, have also put some chicken in a casserole for supper, will have it with pasta and garlic bread.

Had to take the car to the garage, the metal we found underneath was from the exhaust system, chap made sure the car was ok and also checked the tyre pressure for me. I met our friends from round the corner, they were just out for their walk. Stopped to ask how DB was.

I am now seriously wondering if he is going to be fit to go to B's wedding, its just over 4 weeks away. I will be devastated if we cannot go.

We had a couple of showers this morning, then it brightened up, its now clouded over again, so guess we are in for some more rain.

No sewing my machine is still at the dealers, hope to get it back next week sometime. I have a couple of things I am wanting to do.

Friday, 15 September 2017


Welcome to my 100th follower. I hope you enjoy reading my mundane little blog.

Another bad night, about 3 hours sleep all told. I am not going for a nap this afternoon, hopefully I will sleep tonight. Have made the appointments for Wednesday for us both to see the Dr. Its getting ridiculous. I have decided to sleep in the sewing room bed, so need to go in there and clean up a bit, the bed is covered with fabric.

The chap came with 12 bags of manure, he opened a bag to show us, looks good......its from a stables.

No Friday clean it will have to wait till tomorrow, I am too exhausted to do it today, especially as the kitchen floor needs washed.

Spent some time sorting the sewing room so I can sleep in there tonight. I had an enquiry about the dryer, hopefully someone is coming for it tomorrow. The stuff I ordered from Boston Duvet and Pillow Company, a new winter weight duvet and 6 pillows, arrived, a huge parcel. I need to sort through the pillows when I change the bed and chuck out the grotty ones.

Stovies for supper tonight, just sliced the spuds, cooked the onions and cubed the corned beef ready to cook it, does not take long to cook, although years ago it was made in cast iron pans and left on a low light to cook. It was a favourite on Mondays when there was washing to be done.

Its rained on and off so no gardening for DB........he is hoping to go into Melton with me on Sunday, will see how he fairs. I am doubtful he is going to be fit to go to the wedding unless we have a major miracle. I will have to go on my own, I just cannot not go.

No news about my machine, I was hoping to hear today that it would be on its way back over the weekend, no such luck.

Thursday, 14 September 2017


I decided this morning not to take DB with me and cancelled my visit to my friend.

 Bit of a fraught morning. I needed to post off a parcel and draw some money from the post office. Our local PO was closed, the post mistress seems to work when she wants to.

From there I  went on to fill the car with fuel and to the hospital. The Drs were running behind, whats new, however I got seen within half an hour of my appointment. I have been discharged. The MRI scan showed my heart was working ok and the pacemaker is doing its job. I asked about various things, his advice see my GP about my stress levels and I should ask for DB to be tested for dementia.........hmmmmm. His parting words were ' if he has dementia you are in for a tough time'.   Thank you so much I really appreciate that. As if life is not tough enough already.

I did go to bed this afternoon for a couple of hours, not that I slept, but lay reading.

R & J came whilst I was out and R finished putting the wood round the beds, they stayed with DB for a while, which was good, it meant that he was not able to get into mischief  whilst I was away.

The wind seems to have died away completely, it is sunny but we did have some rain this afternoon for short while.

Fish and chips tonight for supper, I will do something else tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Horrendous night, which needless to say OH slept through once he stopped fidgeting and went off to sleep. Think I had about 3 hours patchy sleep. We have been lucky, not much damage, just a large plant pot blown over. The wind sure was battering at the front, I thought at one point the bedroom  window would come in.

Into Lidl this morning for a quick shop, I took DB with me, half way home he announced he felt sick, typical!! He wasn't but the face was miserable for a while. Heaven knows how I am going to go on with him tomorrow.

I have decided to send his tablet back to Amazon, last night it was on charge overnight and was only 1% charged, have arranged for it to go back, I am looking at a different one for him. Guess we will have sulks till it arrives. I need to return the tablet to factory settings so it wipes everything from it.

Today has been a bad day for me so we are having the last two dinners from the freezer, I need to order 6 more.

DD2 has asked to borrow the trolley she is having her kitchen refitted by her son and they need the trolley to move stuff about on, we will take it on Sunday when I take the tablet for the courier to pick it up.

We have 12 bags of manure coming on Friday, we need the trolley to move them round the back.

I heard from my friend in Florida last night, they were very lucky, they spent the night in her sisters flat which is hurricane resistant, when they returned home there was very little damage, so they got off lightly. The hurricane blew out before it reached North Carolina, so my other friends were not affected.

I hope to have a better nights sleep tonight.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


A bright morning, we are forecast high winds tomorrow and bad weather for the rest of the week. Washing machine on, hope to get it out and dry.

It was so cold yesterday I put the heating on, just for a short while in the evening.

Managed to do a sketchy clean, no energy, apart from getting lunch and supper I will be spending the rest of the day on the settee.

DB does not appear to have any after effects from his fall yesterday, despite what I said he is out in the garden this morning, I give up. Just cannot do it anymore.

Hospital appointment on Thursday, I have some searching questions for the Dr.........I should not be feeling as I do.

Hope the machine arrives safely this morning, I will be waiting to hear from Pattypan that all is well.

The laundry dried on the line, just airing it before it goes away.

Cheese frittata and salad for supper. DB has picked enough of the late fruiting raspberries for us to have some for dessert, he is going to cut the canes down now.

No word about the machine, I hope it got there ok.

Monday, 11 September 2017


A bad night one way or another. It was well after 3am before I dozed off.

Grey morning, we had a couple of showers of rain during the morning. DB was in the garden...guess what....he fell again, I am beyond speech, I cannot speak to him he just ignores me, so I am giving up. I need to preserve my sanity.

Courier came for the embroidery machine, it is on its way to its new Owner Pattypan, I hope she enjoys using it,

DBs computer back with a new drive fitted, it should work a bit quicker now.

No Monday clean done, will do it tomorrow morning, I did not want to miss the courier which I could easily do when I have the Dyson on.

Cold lamb with tomato and cucumber salad, jacket spuds.

To any of my friends who are in the US I hope you are all ok, Tampa was hit, Sun City is a bit further south but no doubt you were battered, I hope the house survived without too much damage. The storm is heading towards the Carolinas, it has been downgraded but its still blowing some.

Sunday, 10 September 2017


We had our usual Sunday breakfast, I did not have to get up in the night, although I was awake for a couple of hours, put my IPad on and read, then dropped off for another couple of hours. Still feeling a bit fragile this morning, will see how the day pans out.

Its a very grey morning and cold, I lit the fire yesterday afternoon.....

Thoughts at the moment with our friends in Florida, they live south of Tampa, the storm has vered to the west, I really hope it does not hit them. I also have friends on the eastern seaboard, one lives in Pennsylvania, the other in North Carolina. Watching the TV news last night its frightening the damage the storm has caused, how people will ever recover I do not know, they have lost everything. It will take a long time to re build communities that have been razed to the ground and they have to live somehow.

DB has sorted out the coal shed so its easier to get into for coal, its cold so I may well light the fire this afternoon.

Roast shoulder of lamb for supper, will do roasties and possibly cauliflower, carrot and calebrese. No idea what might be for dessert if we have one.

We finished off the last of the raspberries last night, I do not think there will be any more.

Saturday, 9 September 2017


I was up early and off to the Drs. medication to take for a week. I felt rough first thing but have improved as the day has gone on.

Its been a funny day the weather cannot make up its mind what to do. We have had sun, dark clouds and thunder.

DB spent time in the garden this morning, he moved a couple of plants and also started cutting the lavatera down, it will get cut right down in the spring when it shows signs of new growth.

Quiche, salad and jacket spuds for supper. DB picked more raspberries, we will have them for dessert.

It was so cold this afternoon I lit the fire, will make it up and then allow it to go out.

Hopefully the embroidery machine will be picked up by couriers on Monday, then I will be able to sort out the sewing room and await the return of my machine after its service.