Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Yesterday afternoon I nipped over to see our neighbour, when I got back DB informed me that he had passed out in the bedroom........he had found himself on the floor no idea how he got there! When I got back he was sitting in the sitting room..... 2am this morning he was awake moaning again, he went back to sleep, I was still awake at 5am, so had about 4 hours sleep again.......

This morning we were up breakfasted and away by 8.30 to the Drs. AT LAST someone has agreed with me that  in all probability its his spondylosis which is causing the headaches, he has been referred for an emergency appointment with a neurologist and given some medication which the Dr hopes will at least lessen the headaches to a dull roar. I think the Dr was a bit surprised when I cheered in the surgery. Her eyebrows shot up. She said she gathered I was ok with what she planned.

Back home he is out in the garden for an hour before he has his lunch and then goes for his siesta, I cannot go for a sleep we are expecting the computer chappie this afternoon, so hopefully I will sleep tonight.

Its another grey day, but really muggy, its supposed to clear, as long as the laundry dries on the line I am not bothered. I need to freeze the stock I made yesterday, the rest of the soup for lunch, no idea whats for supper, depends how I feel later, it could well be the last two ready meals in the freezer.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Yesterday was a better day although the headache persists, I am making an appointment for him to see the Dr, a referral to a neurologist has been suggested.

After his siesta we went up to the hospice and dropped off some stuff for the shop. Around 5pm DB said he felt tired, so laid down for about an hour, he was up in time to have his supper and stayed up for the rest of the evening.

He was restless for a while before he went to sleep, but we both got a reasonable night.

He went out in the garden for an hour this morning. Cucumbers picked, I pulled a leek for soup.

I spent the morning in the kitchen, make leek and lentil soup for lunch, used up some courgette and also green beans, I cooked too many last night. I also made the stock for scotch broth. I had 3 lamb bones, into the pressure cooker with carrot, onion, garlic and soaked soup mix. 20 minutes and it was done, have taken the remaining meat, what bit there was, off the bones and the stock is now in a big bowl cooling. I think it will be split into 2 lots one to use and and for the freezer. Salad prepped for supper tonight, just have to cook the jacket spud. 

DB confessed he was tired so went for his siesta, we are going to the surgery tomorrow, he still has the headache, paracetamol just does not touch it. The hospital told him not to take the codeine as it could make it worse.....what do you do???

I am about to put my feet up and read, I might also have a nap, although I did sleep fairly well.


I have received a couple of comments about my post yesterday. Before you comment you need to have lived in my shoes for the last 27 years!! I NEVER post nasty comments on any blog, if I cannot find something pleasant to write I do not comment. I have been vilified before, its getting extremely wearing, if you do not like what I post, which is a mirror of my thoughts, then buzz off and annoy someone else. DB is well aware of how I feel and why!!

Monday, 21 August 2017


Thank you for all your messages yesterday, it was kind of so many of you to contact me.

Before I start, I wish to make something clear, in the UK you do not pay for ambulances, they carry trained paramedics who can deal with an emergency and stabilize a patient before removal to hospital, they also carry out tests eg ECGs.BP stats levels.

We are 30 miles from the nearest hospital that has any information on DB's conditions, no way would I take him in the car. I never go in the ambulance with him, I cannot get back from the hospital especially on a sunday. I usually phone when I know enough time has lapsed for him to have at least been triaged.

We have to pay for car parking at any of our hospitals and the cost is astronomical if you are forced to park for more than a couple of hours. 

The hospital phoned me to update me on his condition, they had run a series of blood tests chest X Rays etc, he was waiting for a CT scan. They phoned later to say he was being sent home, all the tests had been satisfactory and transport was arranged. He arrived home just after 8pm. He still has the headache, he has to see our GP on Wednesday if it persists. He still has it this morning!!

He knew when he got home I was not happy, One of these days he will cry wolf and I will ignore him.........

We both slept, I had taken medication to make sure I did not lie awake, was up to the loo at 3am apart from that it was just after 8 when I woke up.

Its a grey morning, the bed has been stripped and is on the line, we are forecast rain, I hope it dries before it comes. Monday clean has also been done. DB has potted up some plants that arrived over the weekend, one hour strictly observed.....he is now reading a book on his tablet. After lunch he will go for his normal nap. I might then put him in the car and go up to the hospice to drop off some things for the shop.

Sliced the lamb, have done some more veggies so we will have yesterdays roast dinner today. DB pick raspberries, we have enough to have for dessert.

Several phone calls this morning, people concerned about DB, especially my neighbour who has just lost her husband, not so concerned about DB but about me which was kind of her.

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Lovely bright morning, just a bit of a breeze.

Better night last night. DB got up after breakfast, he has been in the garden for a bit, now back in bed. He did manage to stay up after supper last night.

 I am rather concerned, he was a bit breathless when we got back from looking for George, will see how he goes, bearing in mind that he had a clot in his lung last year. We went in the car and found George at the allotment, he is coming round next week to see about the concrete.


Hey ho DB is on his way to hospital, had problems breathing and chest pain, took 3 hours for an ambulance to get here!!

I will phone later and see whats going on. They will not tell me much over the phone, but I am not going in to sit around for hours and then have to drive home in the dark, There is something going on and it needs sorting, we have been at this for 3 weeks now. Its time something was done.

Had supper all prepped, I will cook the meat and then freeze it. the fruit for dessert I will also cook and freeze.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


I woke about 2am this morning, freezing DB had wrapped himself in the duvet and kicked the quilt off the bottom of the bed. It was after 4am before I managed to get back to sleep.

We were very late getting up, it was 10am before I managed into the shower. DB has been up for about 2 hours, had most of his lunch, now back in bed asleep. I had hoped that the medication would have worked out of his system by now.

Courgette, green beans and french beans picked this morning, took some green beans over to my neighbour, did some for our supper as well. I have some belly pork slices, I am going to cook them slowly in a casserole for supper.

The grass needs cutting, when D gets back from the caravan I will get him to do it for me. I really need to get into the herbaceous border and do some weeding and cutting back, the lavatera is taking over the border and the grass. I also need to get the trellis for the back of the house and start training the clematis onto it. The base for the first shed in the garden also needs prising up and the ground leveling a bit. I need to see George.

Its a fine, but a stiff breezy day, I have the quilt from the back of the settee on the line having a freshen up, I could do with taking the cover off and washing it. I have to put it back on damp so it stretches, do not know if my hands would manage it.

There is constant noise on the lane, tractors going up and down getting the rest of the harvest in before the weather changes, there are signs of an early autumn, its cold first thing and in the evening when the sun goes down, it was 11c this morning when I got up to get the breakfast. The village children have started attacking the chestnut tree by the Doctors, the nuts are not ripe enough yet although the leaves seem to be falling.

Quite a few of the local fields have been ploughed and appear to have been sown with a winter crop. The leeks in the garden are bulking up, so leek based soup on the cards. We had leek and potato soup at lunch with hm bread.

No sewing done, cannot concentrate whilst DB is under the weather.

Friday, 18 August 2017

At Last

A better nights sleep!! I did rouse a couple of time, but slept from 10.30pm till about 7.30am. DB still has a slight headache but not as bad as it has been however, he is still sleeping for England.....I am hoping today will be the last day, otherwise it will be the Dr again. The vile medication should have cleared his system by then.

I put a load of coloureds through the wash, it is fine and sunny in bits, it has almost dried on the line, so will be fetching it in shortly, the forecast is for showers later.

E came round to collect the bag I altered the strap on, she said she would see me later.

I have a load of stuff for the hospice, I am going to ring R and see if he will collect it next time he is passing, I cannot see us getting there anytime soon and I could do with it out of the way.

Friday clean done, the sitting room was quite dusty, cleaned the windows inside as well, whilst I had the floor mop in my hands I went over the front and back doors to get rid of the dust and muck that accumulates on them, including a couple of spiders who thought they might stay for the winter....sorry chaps....not on these doors. I also discovered a spider had decided that a web between the freezer and the wall in the kitchen, would  be a good idea.......afraid not.


4pm. DB has just got up, he says he has no headache, we will see how long he lasts this time.

We had a massive rainstorm just after lunch, a good job I managed to get the laundry in before it started, quite a heavy down pour for a time with thunder. 

Well that did not last long 5pm and he is back in bed asleep, rang to see if his results were back, some of them were the rest were not, so  I guess it will be Monday.

Fish and chips for supper.........

Thursday, 17 August 2017

That was the night that was!!

7pm last night after supper DB retired to bed and slept the clock round and more.  He did get up for breakfast but was soon back in bed. I phoned to speak to the Dr. She phone about 11.30 and has taken DB off the medication, he has to take codeine for his a trip to the chemist to collect his new medication. We have to ring tomorrow to see what the blood test says.

Another night I did not sleep well, I did manage a nap this afternoon after lunch, but only for a short while. A council workman woke me hammering on the door, we had reported that there was a crack under the toilet window, it is going to get repaired.

DB was still sleeping when I went out to the chemist, he managed to wake up long enough to have a cup of tea and eat a donut. He is still awake now, how long for is another matter.

It had rained overnight, but after breakfast the sun came out and it has been a lovely day, not that I have seen much of it.

I am hoping for a better night tonight, the medication should have cleared DB's system and maybe the codeine will clear the headache.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Another bad night

I think I am going to have to sleep in the sewing room for a few nights, its getting ridiculous, it was after 4am again before I got off to sleep. 3 hours is just not enough. DB slept all night and spent most of it snoring....................

Blood test at the surgery this morning and then into Morrison for some shopping. I cannot believe I spent £13 on a half shoulder of lamb for Sunday!! I am not happy, looking at the receipt I had been charged for a kilo of lamb leg steaks, I ended up going back to Morrison and getting an £8.60 two journeys into town.

DB is still complaining of headache.......this afternoon he kept saying he was tired, so was I,but I still had to drive into town and get a refund for the meat. He starts taking 2 tablets a day tomorrow......

Its been a sunny day, quite warm this afternoon.

Cooked salmon for supper with new potato's, green beans and hollandaise sauce, we finished off the apple and blackberry for dessert.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A New Day

Better night last night, DB went off to sleep without too much wriggling.

Its a fine day, a load of laundry done and out on the line, also managed to do the Monday clean a day late.........

DB spent an hour in the garden this morning cutting back part of the hedge between us and a neighbour.

He seems to be tolerating the new meds, will keep my fingers crossed though when I start to increase the dose. Its really vile stuff nut if it works he should not be on it for too long.

My cancelled appointment for the cardiac consultant has come through for September, so I hope to get some answers about various things then.

There was some gratin last last night, so we will have it with the toad in the hole tonight. I stewed some apples and blackberries to have with custard for dessert.

Monday, 14 August 2017


Another bad night, took DB over an hour to stop fidgeting and settle to sleep, by which time I was wide awake again.

Up sharp and off to the Drs. Had to wait about an hour. Blood tests were back and everything is fine, but just to make sure we have to repeat it on Wednesday, give the prednisilone time to clear his system. The thinking is that it is coming from his neck, so a different medication which we have to start in small doses and work up. I am relieved that it is not thickening, or an infection in the arteries, but he still has the headache!!

I gave in and went to bed this afternoon, slept for 2 hours, I did not hear DB get up,  I feel awful now, thick headed. Fingers crossed I sleep ok tonight.

Supper prepped, just have to re heat the gratin and cook the tomato's and spuds, we will finish off the plums with custard for dessert.

No Monday clean done, will have to tackle the wet room etc tomorrow.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sunny Sunday?

We both slept for a while yesterday afternoon, I was in bed by 9pm last night, woke briefly when OH came to bed. Apart from getting up to the toilet it was after 8 when we woke.

Usual Sunday breakfast in bed. DB is out in the garden just now, no idea what he is up to and to be frank he can just get on with it. He was complaining again about his head aching...........its the Drs in the morning regardless.

No plans for the day except to sit and read, will prepare the pork for supper and thats about it.

Had a quick trip down to the surgery to put the complaint letter through the door, I want it there before we go in the morning, will be asking to see one of the senior partners.

Its quite warm outside, it was very chilly yesterday afternoon, it was a case of fleece jumpers on. Expect it will be the same today once the sun goes down.


Nothing much else to report, I have discovered that there was a smaller shed on the site before the one we took down, I have found a shallow concrete base which I need to lift, so spade and lump hammer going to be in use, I will use the rubble to make a soak away at the back of the coal house which floods if we get heavy rain. It will also help to level out the slight slope thats there.

We both had a siesta whis afternoon, finger crossed we sleep ok tonight. We need to be up early to be at the Drs by 9am.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Another bad night

4am this morning before I finally got to sleep. I ended up sleeping in the sewing room. No idea what time DB went to sleep, but we did sleep in a bit this morning. One of the side effects of his medication is insomnia, the dose he is on I consider to be rather high as well.

The results of the blood test did not come through, I am very annoyed, several times the NP told us she would ring us with the results yesterday, DB phoned at 5.45pm to be told that no way would the results be through that quick and the NP was not even in the building. I have written a letter of complaint for the practice, no way will we ever accept seeing her again for anything. The results should be available sometime on Monday.

DB has been in the garden for a short while this morning, I managed to get the ironing done, and have altered the strap to the bag.

Bacon fritatta and salad for supper tonight.

Friday, 11 August 2017


Another sunny day.

Yesterday finished with me taking DB to the Drs. he has had to go back this morning for a blood test, we will know the result this afternoon........I am keeping my fingers crossed its not arterial sclerosis that is causing his headaches. He has been given steroids, took 6 last night and 6 this midnight he woke me moaning about his stomach, I made him drink a glass of milk, the pain went off, he slept, I did not, was reading from 12 midnight onwards. No  effects from todays dose so I suspect he had indigestion.

G arrived just as we were going off to the Drs to start taking down the shed.

The empty shed.

What the site looked like when everything was cleared away.

We need to just level it out a bit, the council have to arrange for the chap to come and spray to make sure any Japanese Knotweed is killed off and then I can order the new shed and get it put up. We will have to relay the paths and construct a decent step, at least 2 of the slabs to the left are going to have to come up.. the new shed is 2 foot longer than the old one.

Once the chaps had gone I set to and cleaned the kitchen, wet room and toilet floors and hoovered the carpets in the living room and hall. I am going to see about getting a cleaner once a fortnight once I have sorted the shed etc.

We were going out for tea this afternoon, but our friends are coming to us instead, I feel safer with DB close to a bed just now, although he has been ok this morning apart from the headache.

E came round last evening with the cash for 2 of the bags, the last one I made, as I thought, the strap was too long, so I have undone the top to redo the strap and then re topstitch round the edge. I might get it done tomorrow.

I think I will be going to bed early tonight, 2 hours sleep is just not enough!!

Thursday, 10 August 2017


Woke to a fine morning, so laundry out on the line first thing.

DB had breakfast in bed, got up about 9.30 went back to bed at 11.30.......brilliant.....Phoned and re arranged our visit out for tea tomorrow, they are coming here, apparently there is a birthday cake involved. Our trip out for afternoon tea has been cancelled.

D came over and between the two of us we moved the sentry box into its new position and then emptied everything from the shed onto the lawn. It is now all packed away and the shed empty. I forgot to keep out the tin with the screwdrivers in, I will need to find it DB wants his spade hangers taking down. All the cup hooks have been removed and are in the drawer in the kitchen. It will be about 6 weeks before the new shed is put up, then everything has to go back........

Laundry is almost dry, I need to tackle the ironing from Sunday though.......may be this afternoon.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


DB slept so much yesterday, he had a problem sleeping last night, so of course I was awake too. However he is much better today,his body has obviously got used to the dosage.

I left him in bed this morning whilst I went to Lidl in Bingham, he was up for lunch and then went back after lunch for his siesta. 

G came this morning, he wants to take the shed down on Friday, so I have had to ask for help from a neighbour to empty it. I ordered 3 bags of coal for the sitting room fire which came this afternoon. I took the handle off the mower and its now on the half pallet in the coal shed along with the tool box. Hopefully we will get the shed emptied tomorrow, then once the shed is down I can contact the council and get the ground treated next month.

We did manage to get as far as the local hairdressers this morning for a haircut. I am using two of the frozen meals tonight, tired after shopping and sorting part of the shed.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

At last they got it right!!

Its raining and has been since early this morning, nice steady rain, will do the garden and pots good.

DB is very dozy, the meds close together yesterday meant he slept very well, I managed through to 7.30 with a brief wake up around 4am. We did not get up until 8.30, no housework being done, just cannot be bothered.

DB is in bed sleeping as I guess he will be till his body gets used to the medication, he says he will get up later.....we will see.......

Soup at lunch time, its quite cold so decided against salad for supper tonight, egg, chips and beans instead.

Need to do a shopping list, I am going to Lidl in Bingham tomorrow, will leave DB at home possibly in bed will see how the medication affects him later.

I am going to spend the afternoon on the settee reading.

Monday, 7 August 2017


Yesterday was a bit of a washout.

DB announced at lunchtime his headache was getting worse, more medication at the required time. After supper he was still complaining so I made him ring 111. We got a Dr at midnight, tension headache, paracetamol and codiene......duly taken, he slept all night. I was awake until after 2am.

He got up this morning, at 9.15 he had a dizzy which is still going on at 11.30am. Now what do I do? 

No Monday clean done, CBA it will have to wait. I am swithering whether to ring our GP and ask for a home visit see what he has to say. I feel it has been going on too long and bearing in mind his medical history I feel it needs looking into.

Will report back later.

I gave in and rang our GP,  DB could not lift his head off the pillow. She confirmed that its a nasty attack of vertigo. She put in a script which I collected after lunch, within 30 minutes he was sitting up......the medication is for travel sickness, he can only take it for 5 days before I have to reduce the dose until he is no longer taking it. The headache and dizziness have both gone.

DB requested the chicken with veg. I picked french beans, so beans, carrots and potato's. The rest of the strawberries in jelly for dessert, possibly with ice cream.

Sunday, 6 August 2017


A good drying day, I hope, sunny with a decent breeze.

After our usual Sunday breakfast I stipped the bed and put the washer on. the sheets etc are now blowing on the line and I hope they will be dry soon.

DB has cleared out the coal house, I need to order some coal before the price goes up, he chucked out a load of soft sided pots, we have hundreds of the things, all sorted into pot sizes. Next is to start sorting out and emptying the shed.

We finished off yesterdays quiche with cucumber and tomato salad and hm bread for lunch, chicken tonight for supper, I also made a strawberry jelly and put some of our frozen strawberries in it to have for dessert.

The courgette is going daft, our neighbour at the back was cutting down the hedge, so I handed over 3 courgette and a home grown cucumber, they bought me a bag of apples during the week, I have them to peel and freeze.

No plans for this afternoon except to read whilst DB has his siesta. I need to sort out the library books, the van comes tomorrow afternoon.

DB is still suffering with headaches, we have the chiropodist coming in the morning, once he has had his feet done he is going to the Drs. We have an open surgery in a morning so he will be seen.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Quiet Day

DB was complaining of a headache this morning, he had fallen asleep on 4 pillows, not surprised, when he got in the shower and let the hot water run on his neck it went.

We were not fast getting up, DB decided yesterday he was not going to the Presidents day at the bowls club, so sent an apology,  we are spending a quiet day. He has been out and mowed the grass in the back, but thats all. I decided just to shove the dyson over the sitting room carpet and clean the kitchen.

I had done beetroot yesterday in the pressure cooker, it has been sliced and bottled, enough for a 2lb and a 1lb jar, we will be having some at supper time with a quiche.

We had a slight shower of rain this morning but by lunchtime it had cleared and the sun was out.

No real plans for the rest of the day, DB will go for his siesta, I might go and do some sewing, see how I feel.

I did end up doing fish and chips last night just after 7pm DB said he was peckish and fancied F & C so I cooked.

Friday, 4 August 2017


I put towels in the washer overnight, so they were ready to go out when I got up. DB brought me breakfast in bed this morning. He managed to fall again in the garden this morning, I am very fed up.......his dizzies are back too, not as bad as before but there never the less.

I drove over to my quilting friends this morning, we had lunch, smoked salmon sandwiches, yummy.....and then cake topped with raspberries and fresh cream.

DB took his tablet and went into the sitting room to read whilst we chatted.

Decent journey home, the traffic was not too bad all things considered. It has been fine and sunny most of the day, rain was forecast but never arrived....the towels dried and have been folded and put away.

No supper tonight we are still full from lunch. We will have fish and chips tomorrow night, DB has cancelled presidents day, so we will be here for supper.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Thursday - trip into town.

We were at the bus stop by 9.45, the bus did turn up about 10 minutes late. Once in town we went into the bank, we have to go in and prove DB's identity to change one of the savings accounts into a joint account so he can draw money too. He went off to the opticians to get his eyes tested, he does not need new glasses but his cataract is now ready to be sorted, so he has been referred. I am not looking forward to that!!

I had a wander round the shops in the town centre and picked up a couple of things we needed before going back to pick DB up. Had a cup of tea with DD although she was working, they were not too busy. She has managed to negotiate her hours down to a 4 day week which will be much better for her. She will take a hit money wise, but seems quite happy to do so.

Our neighbours son has just left on his long journey back to South Africa, he will not get home until 6.30 pm tomorrow night. She is on her own for the first time since P died, so doubtless will be feeling it. I did go over for an hour yesterday afternoon.

We are out tomorrow, going to see my quilting friend and take her some goodies from the garden as well as a couple of magazines. So no Friday clean it will have to wait till saturday this week. I need to
pick some beans for her.

Supper tonight , stovies I bought a tin of corned beef last week, will use half of it in stovies and slice the rest for sandwiches for the next couple of days lunches. Saturday afternoon is Presidents day at the bowls club, so I will have to put on a frock and go. Thankfully its only once a season.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

What a dull day

A very dull day, we did have a few spots of rain earlier on, there is also quite a stiff wind.

Round to the little chapel for the coffee morning, took the last bag for E to take to her group, should get some cash on Friday....cannot be bad. We picked a load of rhubarb and took round, also some green beans. I have been promised plums when they are ripe and someone else is going to drop off some apples.

DB was talking with the chap who used to come and sit with him about the shed. He has agreed to come and take the shed down if he can have the problem, it will save me having to pay to get the wood taken away. He is going to come sometime this month to do it, so we can get the ground sprayed in September and the new shed up in October.

DB at the social bowls this afternoon, he went for his usual siesta first.

We are going to venture into town tomorrow on the bus, DB has an appointment to get his eyes tested, I think he needs new glasses. I would also like to get into the bank if I can to sort out our savings account. Its in my name and I want it to be in joint names so there is no problem drawing cash out without having to transfer it first. I also want to make enquiries to change our bank account itself, I am also looking at changing banks.........I need more info first though.

I might do some sewing this afternoon, no bags though.....possibly stuffed Christmas trees made from fabric. or more of the zipper bags. Hmmmmm I also have some bits of fabric I want to turn into lavender bags.

Sausage and mash for supper tonight.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Pinch an a punch for the first of the month. Traditionally this was the last summer month you did not eat pork!! May, June, July and August were pork free months according to my grandmother.

Find sunny but windy morning, laundry in the machine, hung out and dried, just needs folding.

DB fell again in the garden this morning, I am sick of him using any crap wood he can find for edging, he has fallen in the same place before, said wood is now in the bin!! I also had a go at him about leaving the hosepipe in a mess on the floor, I caught my foot in it when I was hanging the washing out, something else he needs to sort pdq. I need to source one of the things you fit to the wall to wind it onto.

Monday clean done this morning, I scrubbed the wet room floor with the deck brush, it looks so much better, could not believe the muck I got off it. Finished it off with the new mop. I do actually need DB to take about 3" off the brush handle, its rather long.

Finished off the soup from the weekend for lunch, cheese pie with baked beans tonight, already prepped, just need to reheat it in the oven later. I will dice up the remaining 2 nectarines and have them in the meringue cases with some cream, they were very nice last night. Fruit bowl is almost empty, just some apples left.

Tidied up the sewing room, I have some stuff to put away but its all neatly folded waiting, no longer strewn all over the place. I am going to sit and read this afternoon......well thats the plan.

Monday, 31 July 2017


We spent an hour and a half  waiting in the surgery this morning, I wanted DB to get his ears checked out in case he had an infection but they were clear. However as I suspected I have a urine infection, the third this year, time to get it investigated I think!! 

We met our neighbour in the surgery, when she got home she came over with some quilting stuff she had, it is the beginners favourite, hexagons made out of old duvet covers. There are quite a lot of pieces already prepped, I might think about making them into  guess what????? A bag............ I sat for an hour this afternoon and unpicked some that had been sewn together.

Made an appointment to get my hair cut next week, its getting long again, time for a couple of inches off the bottom.

We have had a couple of sharp showers, as usual the sun is shining now its too late to put laundry out.

No Monday clean done, will have to do it tomorrow, test out the new mop and deck brush.

Supper tonight cooked gammon, tomato and cucumber salad and jacket spuds, I have diced up a couple of nectarines, will put them in a meringue case with some cream for dessert.

Sunday, 30 July 2017


Sunny morning, up after our usual lie in, showered and dressed. We are on a semi jolly to day.

Its DD2's annual tea party, half way between mine and DB's birthday. We are going to a local garden open on the way, I will also nip into Boyes and see if I can get either a new mop or a deck brush for the wet room floor.

Fridays effort with the carpet seems to have worked, there are a couple of places I might have another go at when I do the Monday clean, but all in all it was successful.

Soup and toast for lunch, no supper, DD always puts on a good spread.

We enjoyed the open garden this afternoon, it was a pity there was a downpour of rain which lasted about 20 minutes, but it freshened the garden. Afraid my purse strings got loosened a bit.

Love the colour of this penstamon.

Fabulous colour hollyhock.

Lots of tropical plants, really lush planting.

We went on into town where I got a deck brush and also a new mop. Then on to DD2's for tea.

DD1, ex husband, granddaughter and great grand son joined us, delightful tea as always.

Denny - Joe with his auntie Alice.

Saturday, 29 July 2017


Bad night last night, reading at 3.00am so late getting up.

It was a fine morning but kept clouding over, DB off to play bowls after his bacon sarnie and siesta. I made a pot of leek and potato soup for tomorrow.

I decided to finish the bag........

This is it finished, Not keen on making another one, I had to undo it twice before I got the lining right and my machine was not happy sewing some of the thickness, but its done. I hope its ok, the strap seems a bit long to me, I will alter it if I have to, fingers crossed its ok.

Settled on the settee to read after I finished the bag, jacket potato with cheese and coleslaw for my supper, DB will get his at the bowls club.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Once upon a Friday......

I put laundry in the washer last night, relieved to see the sun shining when I got up, so a quick trip into the garden to hang it out.

Decided it was time I tried to get rid of the evidence of DB not using the tray when bringing the night time mugs back to the kitchen, so vanish spray......scrub and leave, as far as I can see its done the job, have to wait a while longer before I put the dyson over it, then we will know. If it works I might use the stuff on the arms of the settee which are looking a bit grubby. I could wash the cover, but its huge and heavy when wet, you have to put it back on whilst slightly damp and stretch it, my hands protest.

DB with his first outdoor cucumber, its the first time we have grown them outdoors, typical I bought a cucumber yesterday!! I see cucumber and tomato salad on the menu!!

Forecast was for rain at lunchtime, the sky got very dark, the laundry was dry so it it came, just as it started to spot with rain, it has not lasted, but the laundry is folded ready to put away.

Stock taken out of the freezer, I have a scabby leek in the veg draw, will make leek and potato soup in the morning. We are going to DD2's for tea on Sunday; will have a bowl of soup and bread at lunch time. There is a garden open in the town, so will call in there on the way to DD2's, I also want to call at Wilkinson and get a new mop, parking is free in the town on Sunday.

No sewing yesterday, could not be bothered, so sat and watched videos on You Tube instead. Will not be doing any this afternoon either, it can wait till DB is bowling tomorrow. I want to finish it before the coffee morning at the little chapel. on Wednesday, I know E will be there and I can pass it on to her.

Fish chips and peas for supper tonight. No soft fruit so no idea what we might have for dessert if anything.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Another day at the Supermarket

We slept in a bit this morning, so we were a bit later setting off, a grey morning........plenty of cars in the car park, but the shop never seems overcrowded. Just a couple of things we could not get, will have to try Lidl or Morrison for them.

Shop came in just under my £60 limit, so thats fine, once home, all put away.

It was sunny as we drove along but by lunchtime the grey clouds were overhead again, DB says we are due rain for the rest of the day. He nipped to the bowls club to see if he has been picked to play on Saturday.

Cooked beef and vegetable casserole yesterday so will heat it up tonight with new spuds from the garden, green beans and cauliflower. Possibly ice cream for dessert.

Might spend a while this afternoon in the sewing room finishing off the bag.....see how I feel after lunch.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


A wet morning, I did put the towels in the washer and they are on the line now, the weather improved after lunch.

Freezer audit done, menu and shopping list sorted, we are off to Aldi tomorrow.

DB walked down to the post office in the rain to draw some cash and get his TV choice, the TV is dire again next week, looks like we will be watching recorded programmes.

I did a bit more at the bag this afternoon.......because its an across the body bag I have to make it up differently to the way I usually make the bags, not looking forward to it. May tackle it over the weekend.

I heard from my friend in Florida, she hand her husband went back to Nashau to see friends, she fell in the hotel room and has a broken hip, its been pinned and she says it quite painful.

Bacon, egg, tomato and fried bread for supper.

The sun is out and its blowing quite well, so the towels should be dry.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


It started off very dull and grey again, quite cold too, we both had hot water bottles when we went to bed last night. It must have been cold, the heating came on this morning, the thermostat was turned down to 10, but the timer was still on, it woke me creaking.

The sky finally turned blue late this afternoon.

DB out in the garden this morning, despite him checking we have another courgette which thinks its a marrow........., more beans in and also some blackcurrants, I have put a container of mixed fruit in the freezer. Made a creme caramel for dessert.

Cooked the sauce for spag bol for supper.

I cannot get away from bags, I found a large piece of fabric and have just cut out the over body bag, again the fabric frays like crazy so its all been overlocked, I have the over body strap made and have lined the pocket, might finish it tomorrow.

Need to do the menu plan and freezer audit tomorrow, DB needs to go to the PO for some cash and we will go to Aldi on Thursday. DB is bowling tomorrow afternoon, but not a match, just the social bowling they do every other Wednesday.

Monday, 24 July 2017

What happened to the sun?

I could not believe it when I woke up, it was so dark, I thought it was winter. The sky has been very grey all morning, however it has not rained as yet.

Bed changed and sheets etc on the line, its almost dry, so need to keep an eye out for it starting to rain.

Monday clean done. I am crackered so will be reading this afternoon. My mop is going to have to be retired, bits keep coming off it, there will be nothing left soon, I will have to source a new one. Its the non slip surface in the bathroom that's the problem. If I could, I would scrub it, but once I get down on my knees I have difficulty getting up again.

DH has retired to bed with a dizzy, his vertigo rearing its head again, he did his exercises but it did not go off, so to bed he went. I hope we are not ramping up to another month like last August, when he was again in hospital for almost the whole month. Not a happy thought.

Sunday, 23 July 2017


Yesterday it was rain, sun rain, today its started off sunny, but black clouds are gathering, I think we may be in for one of the forecasted showers.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast, eventually managed out of bed just after 9am. DB has been in the garden, resiting bean poles etc that the wind had blown about, the beans were listing badly to one side. He then went on to finish the weeding in the herbaceous bed. I need to take a couple of photos so I know what needs a severe haircut in the spring, I also need to move a couple of plants.

No plans to do anything. I did lay out some patches for an ordered bag, but there is not enough contrast so I need to cut up some more fabric. I have been through the fabric I kept and I have a couple of bits, one will make the strap with some squares to go into the bag and the other piece will cut into 5" squares. Must go through and see what lining fabric I can find. I do use poly cotton sometimes for bag lining, I think I have some in the PC crate, will have a look later. Deffo not doing any sewing today!!

Supper is prepared, I sliced the gammon joint cooked yesterday, enough ham for 2 suppers and 2 lots of sandwiches for £2.99, not bad. I also cooked 2 pears that were taking their time to ripen, they are in the fridge we will have them for dessert with some ice cream.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Its raining!!

We had rain overnight, I forgot to fetch the kitchen mat in last night, so it was soaking this morning.

I had a load of washing in, when the weather cleared it went out on the line and dried. the at also dried and is now back down on the floor. DB complained he had cold feet this morning when he came through to put the coffee on.

DB was out staking up tomato's and the beans, the wind had loosened the bean sticks, he then went on to do some more weeding.

I cooked the gammon joint and used the liquor to make lentil soup which we had for lunch, there is enough left for tomorrow. Strange eating soup with the the shining, but it soon changed and is now hissing down again.

I made another zipper bag, thats it for now, I am going to look at stuffed Christmas trees and also a couple of tree wall hangings.

Supper tonight, quiche, salad from the garden and jacket spuds.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Gosh its windy

Sunny but very windy, the trees are going every which way.

Friday clean done, I managed to wash the kitchen floor at last, pleased about that.

I went round to the craft group and took the three bags, I also gave E her bag, she was delighted with it. Measured the lady who wants a messenger type bag, I think I have figured out how to make it......

After lunch I started to make this......

Back on zipper bags again, it took me ages to remember how to do them and put the lining in!!

DB was out in the garden this morning cutting the grass, he has also started on the weeds in the herbaceous border again. The white lilies in the pot have started to come out, the others had died off so a new lily in the house for a week or so.

Fish, chips and peas for supper. DB forgot his yogurt at lunchtime so he will have that for dessert. I am trying to keep off too many desserts, so will sit and watch him eat his yogurt!!

Thursday, 20 July 2017


The last bag I am making for a bit, time to go onto other stuff.

Such a pretty pattern on the fabric.

Terrible night again last night, after 4am before I managed to get off. DB brought my breakfast in bed, I managed out of bed by 10am.

It rained overnight and for most of the morning, but not the torrents they have had elsewhere, I doubt it will have even wet the top surface. It has cleared and we have blue skies and a breeze again.

DB spent the morning clearing out old paper work, the files were bulging with rubbish, it has all been shredded and is now in the bin for the recycle people next week.

B's daughter is going to Birmingham airport later today, she has booked into the airport hotel, her flight leaves at 6.30am tomorrow, she will be home in Spain by mid day. That will just leave K here for another 2 weeks.

Nothing much going on, its very quiet here, even the farm traffic seems to have stopped for now.

I have one last library book to read, so guess I had better get on with it, being able to use borrowbox is great I can pick books to read in between library books.

Sausage, mash and beans for supper tonight.......a few raspberries to use up, will pull some more rhubarb at the weekend, another week and the picking season will be over, time for the plants to conserve their energy for next year. We are picking courgettes and climbing beans just nor, the french beans are just starting to develop, might be enough for Sunday now we have had some rain.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cooler Day

but still a bit on the muggy side. The sun is threatening to break through, it could be very hot after lunch, then we are forecast heavy rain and thunderstorms........we need the rain, I can do without the thunder thank you!!

Not a good night, DB could not settle, he was too hot, although the bedroom was cool. We were drinking tea at 2am.

He has been out in the garden, the big bag of chippings has been emptied, we are going to use it to store stuff in when we empty the shed next month.

Some financial moving about done, I am trying to get things so I do not have to go into our overdraft at the beginning of each month, not easy as most of the bills come out on the first. Thankfully our account has a fee free O/D which is a great help at times.

I put the fabric I cannot use on freecycle yesterday, it has been collected this morning by a school teacher, so the huge bag has disappeared from the hall. I have a stack I need to find a home for though. I did start another bag yesterday, some pretty silk curtain fabric, will just make a smallish bag, no outer pocket but several inside.

We are off to the dump with the old TV, after DB has his siesta, will then call and see P in Bottesford, I have some new spuds and climbing beans for her from the garden.

DB is getting to grips with the new TV, he could not understand that he no longer has to switch the sat box on, the TV comes up on its own, the box just needs setting if we want to record a programme to watch later.

Bread made yesterday so cheese and pickle sandwiches for lunch. I have done the veg for tonight, chicken and bacon pot pies.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Another nice day, thankfully not as hot as it was yesterday I think 27c was the highest recorded today.

A quick flash round the wet room and toilet and shoved the dyson over the carpets, could not be bothered to do much else. Towels in the washer, dried on the line, there has been a breeze all day.

I slept much better last night, I was very tired.

DB and I moved the sentry box, but have decided its not in the right place, so it will be getting moved again round the side of the house. It mucks up my nursery bed, but I can move that over the other side of the garden to where the hedge has been cut back.

I sorted through the fabric I was gifted, there is a lot that I cannot use, so I will pass it on to a craft group or some such. Another bag is in production, this time made out of silk curtain fabric.......

Tomorrow we are going to take the old TV to the tip and call on our friend in Bottesford on the way back. I expect DB will be in the garden in the morning.

Bacon fritatta and salad for supper, we ate the cake from yesterday for afternoon tea. I had coffee and walnut, DB chocolate, very nice.

Monday, 17 July 2017

A Day to say Goodbye

A lousy nights sleep, it was 3.30 the last time I looked at the clock, will be crackered later.

Its a lovely sunny morning, there is a slight breeze. I put a load in the washer last night, its dancing on the line, it should dry.

We just had cereal at breakfast time, I am going to make bacon sandwiches a bit later, it will be 2.30 at least by the time we get back from Grantham. DB has moved the car out onto the road from the cul de sac so there is room in the car park for extra cars. At least its a nice sunny day..........I am still in a bit of a quandary about what to will be resolved shortly.

Up date.....

Eventually grey trousers and a white top were decided on.....It has been a glorious day for a funeral, the sun is blisteringly hot, the crematorium was quite cool, but when we came out the heat hit us. A funeral service is never a happy time but the sun made it a bit better.

A lovely service, our local pastor gave a lovely talk, his message was one of love love between P & B and the love P had for his children. The chapel was full and there was a guard of honour from his pals in the REME social group that he and B belonged to.

The reception at the little chapel was excellent, lots of food including a superb strawberry trifle, scones and cream and three different types of cake, victoria sponge, chocolate cake and coffee cake.

We came home with a doggie bag each, we will not need any supper tonight, might just have one of the cupcakes each later.

B's daughter is here until Thursday, she flies back early Friday morning, K is here until 3rd August, so he will be with his Mum, once he flies back to South Africa it will be time for the neighbours to take up the slack.

Tomorrow is another day.............

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sultry Sunday

After a lot of discussion we eventually decided to buy a new TV. I ordered a cheapie from Argos and we went in and collected it this morning. It was really an expense I could have done without.

Called to see DD2 she and DGD were busy in the front garden, I cannot believe how different it looks, they have cut the hedge right back and DGD took a spade to the grass and has uncovered crazy paving which has been covered by grass for years. We had a cup of tea and cake and then came home.

DN wanted to clean the car for tomorrow, neither of us were hungry so he went for his siesta whilst I decided to struggle and set up the TV...... put the feet on.....put in the aerial and sat box connections, switched on...boom, boom boom it set itself up, so watching the men's final.....DB has just had a cup of tea and a cherry bakewell tart, he is now washing the car.

Roast pork for supper, we will have it a bit earlier as we did not have lunch, probably around 4.30.

Tomorrow is not going to be an easy day............

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Murky Day

Its a misty, murky day, very grey and quite a breeze, there was rain in the air earlier.

Late up this morning, I threw the duster and Dyson round the sitting room and kitchen floor, thats it for now. I will wash the floor next week, will have to do the Monday clean tomorrow, we will be out for most of Monday.

DB is bowling this afternoon, so about to go for his siesta, I have cut up the remains of the chenille fabric, enough to make a long narrow bag, need to over lock that and the lining. Might get is done on the other hand might not.

The countryside around us is changing, the oil seed rape has long been harvested, silage seems to be the main thing now. Corn is starting to ripen so that will be the next thing. Fields are being ploughed ready for winter wheat.

Two of our neighbours have now got pots of flowers at the front door, so the gardens are looking nice, afraid our front grass is not looking so good, it has been scarified within and inch of its life, so now we need to sow new grass seed and use cotton to stop the birds for having a good feed. The the grass of the other side will have to be done as well. 

I am undecided what to do with the piece in front of the hedge we had cut out, I am not sure if much will grow, the roots of the hedge take a lot of moisture and goodness out of the soil and its very compacted. I might lay weed suppressant down and use bark chippings on it, then stand pots on, need to think about it a bit more.

DB is concerned if our neighbour takes the laurel right out people can see into the back garden from her front.......a piece of trellis might be needed. Will have to wait and see what happens. I know she was getting someone to come and look at it.

DB gets his high tea at the bowls tonight so jacket spud, cheese and coleslaw for me.

The last tapestry bag, there was a small square of fabric left, its in the bin!! This bag is not as long as the others but slightly wider does not have the full length pockets inside, I ran out of lining fabric too.

Oh woe is me!! I went to watch the TV and it appears to have gone to the  TV graveyard in the sky. Tried everything I know....nothing. changed the fuse, nothing, checked the plug, nothing.....looks like we are needing a new TV....what to do with the old one????

DB is going to have to sit and read tonight.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Visiting Day

Not a good night for me, DB decided to go to the toilet at 4.30am, it was after 7am when I fell asleep, so we were late getting up. It was not a problem, we had plans for the day.

We left via the surgery and I went to Bon Marche to change the top I bought, it was the wrong size, a card for our neighbour and DB got grass seed, we then travelled on to Desford and my quilting friends.

We were treated to HM scones, raspberry jam and whipped cream, two scones each.....did not need anything else after that, we were stuffed. It was good to see my friend, despite problems with her sight she does very well, just now she is knitting toys, keeps her fingers busy. I took her some flowers and some bits of felt which I know she will use.  The two bags were greatly admired although I got told off for not charging enough for them.

Left around 3pm to travel home, heavy traffic on the A46 all the way to the turn off. Just volume of traffic and huge lorries racing to get back to base for the weekend.

The morning started grey and windy, its now sunny with a stiffish breeze, still cool though, hot water bottles in the bed again last night.

Tonight supper fish and chips, there is some pineapple left which we will have for dessert, that will finish it off.


Having finally managed to get a Sympathy card I liked, I took it over to B, I had not been since the evening of the day P passed away, I did not want to intrude on what is really a family time. B was pleased to see me, I did explain why I had not been over. Her son from South Africa has been with her since Monday afternoon and the daughter arrived from Spain at lunch time, I guess A will be over tomorrow so the scene is set for the funeral on Monday. We will miss P, he was a real gentleman of the old school.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Thursday Shopping Day

Yesterday started cloudy and developed into a really nice evening. This morning also started cloudy, the sun broke through briefly, but the sky has greyed and the weather station says rain... we shall see.

It was so cold last night I actually put hot water bottles in the bed.... the temperature has dropped more than 10 degrees...brrrr.... we are not used to the cold.

Into Lidl, DB went down to Wilkinson to get a new measuring tape to replace the one he broke. I went into Lidl, managed to stay in my budget by about 75p!!

The lilies in the front garden are out, two stems are in a vase in the sitting room, I love the scent, by the time they go over the ones in the back will be in flower.

Another of the chenille bags cut out, I have to overlock the lining on this one, have run out of the fabric I used to line the other bag, there is enough for more small bag I think, I need to measure it and see of there is enough for the bag and handles. Just one mat to sew the binding down on, will get it done today.

weel the second bag is done without as much cussing as went on with the first one. This one is smaller, more the shape of a bucket bag. I have put the dyson over the sewing room floor, have to empty it, its more sewing, apart from hand sewing till saturday if then. We are out tomorrow.

Its keeps coming over very black, but up to present we have not had rain, I wish it would get it over with, we could do with some more gentle rain, not the slashing sort they have had in other places.

Pizza and green salad for supper tonight........

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Not a good night last night, guess DB was dreaming, he was wriggling all round the bed, woke me at 4.30am, it was after 7am when I got off again, so late getting up.

It had stopped raining and the sun was valiantly trying to shine, so the towels went in the washer and out on the line.

DB was putting preservative on the sentry box before we move it into its new position, I seemed to spend the morning not doing much.

After lunch I decided to finish this.

Another bag done, I have enough of this fabric left to do another much smaller bag, need to measure it and see just how much I have left. Its not easy to sew!! It has to be overlocked around all the edges to prevent large lumps of it falling off. The sewing room floor is a mess, despite me clearing up most of the mess on Monday.

After his siesta DB went into the garden, he picked 2 raspberries and 2lbs of climbing beans. Our neighbour had a lettuce and some more rhubarb, she had a friend with her, she also got a lettuce.

Ham salad tonight, have a few potato's left from yesterday so we will have them with the salad. I picked some lollo rosso leaves for the salad.

At lunch time DB had no yogurt left, so I stoned and quartered two nectarines and also sliced some of the pineapple I got last week, it is lovely and ripe, a few grapes and instant fruit salad....yummy.

I now need to go and clear up the mess from the sewing room floor before it gets spread across the rest of the house. Will sew the binding down on another mat later.............

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


It started to rain last night, steadily, it was still damp when we got up. Very misty but dry just now.

DB has not been able to get out into the garden, the ground is too wet.

I have spent the morning doing the ironing and then switched to sewing another bag which caused me problems, the main fabric is chenille, which frays like the devil. Why someone would have a settee covered in the stuff beats me. I have enough of the fabric to make another bag if I feel like it. right now I am quite ambivalent.

Not much going on here, B's son arrived yesterday from South Africa, so she has someone with her, its a week today since P passed away.

E came round yesterday, her group want me to make some more of the bags, will have to have a sort through the fabric bag and see what I can find. One lady wants one that goes across her body, need to think about that.

Mince and mash for supper tonight, we have just enough raspberries to have for dessert.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Busy Monday

Up, not quite with the lark, but stripped the bed and sheets etc in the washer, hung out and dry, waiting ironing, maybe tomorrow.

I got DB to help me turn the mattress, we took off the electric blanket, its in the cupboard till next winter. Also took off the mattress topper, shoved it in the washer and its on the line, hopefully it will dry, it will have to go back on the bed tomorrow.

Whilst I had everything off the bed I used the hand held Dyson to hoover the mattress, very little came off it, so guess the topper had 'collected' everything.

I steam cleaned the wet room and toilet floor, so extra Monday clean done.

Phone call from our neighbour asking us to attend the funeral next Monday, her son from South Africa is due to arrive this afternoon, so he will be here for 3 weeks, time to sort through some of the things that need sorting. I know P was a hoarder.......

Managed to sew the binding down on another 2 mats, just one to go tomorrow.

It was quite warm and sunny this morning, but there is a change coming, the breeze has got up and its cooler. We had a few spots of rain earlier, but it did not come to anything.

DB spent the morning scarifying the front lawn and cutting it. We need to get some feed and weed for it then sow some new lawn seed on the bald patches. He has his annual MOT this afternoon at the Drs.

The lavatera in the back has gone mad.......I will have to cut it back a bit, the washing on the line catches on it.

Chicken and salad for supper tonight, stewed rhubarb for dessert with some left over cream.