Saturday, 20 January 2018


Slightly better day yesterday DB stayed in bed until he had his afternoon siesta, then got up, made it through to 9pm before we went to bed. He was awake for a short while in the night, slept through to 9.30am when I woke him with his breakfast.

I fell asleep in his relaxa chair yesterday afternoon, woke up feeling awful, took me ages to feel anything like. No matter how tired I am I really need to try and keep awake until I go to bed.

After 3 days of cold sunshine we are back to grey days, I always feel better when the sun shines....we are forecast rain later.

DB has asked for fritatta for supper, with half a jacket spud and roasted tomato's I will do the tomato's under the spud in the remoska. I nuke the spud in the microwave for about 3 - 4 minutes depends on how big it is then put it in the remoska so it finished cooking and the skin is crispy. Going to use up the last of the frozen raspberries in jelly for a dessert, need to keep the fruit coming.

Freezer audit coming up, I will have to go to Aldi next week will get enough to last me 2 weeks again, so need to sort out the menu list.

Shoulder of lamb defrosted, slit the skin and shove garlic in, need to do it in red wine over night, supper tomorrow marinade used for gravy.

Friday, 19 January 2018


Another bright but very cold day, we had quite a frost overnight.

DB much the same, he did get up last night but only managed to 8.15pm before he was back to bed. He went to sleep and therefore it was well after 1am before he put the light out.

Cleaners here today, they were a bit late the roads were bad, so they took their time. A good job done. I asked them to leave our bedroom I will sort it in bits when and if DB gets up.

I have sorted and packed a box of fabric for a blog friend, I need to string and tape the box and will then put it in a black plastic bag. It weighs heavy, so will not be cheap to send. Actually thinking about it, I might unpack some of it and send it in a postal bag on its own.

DB has requested fish and chips for tonight, so hopefully he will be ok. He ate all his supper last night, pork belly casserole, it was very good.

I have picked up some knitting, I had an unfinished pair of socks on the needles, so decided to finish them whilst watching TV. Not in the mood to sew and even reading is getting boring!! I download books onto my tablet and read books from the library. Not in to murder mysteries so the choice can be a bit limited.

I do not get any help with DB, no one is interested as vertigo is something that comes and goes, it is just that right now it is hard. I am virtually a prisoner in the house. Only able to make short dashes to the local post office which takes less than 10 minutes in the car. Its a case of put up and shut up, moan on here and wait for it to go. I will be phoning the Drs again on Monday if we have another bad weekend.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Well no better today and I am frazzled to say the least. I was desperate for a snooze this afternoon, the door bell went with a delivery, bye bye snooze. I am so tired I have a headache, cannot be bothered to do anything, it took me all my time to put the lunch things away after I had dried them. Hey ho........

Why do I get suckered into things???? I am supposed to be intelligent, there has been an advert on facebook for some time about an antenna for the TV. I emailed and asked them if it would work in a bungalow that had the original steel prefab inside a brick skin. I was told it should do.......well I have news for them, it doesn't on the wall on the window or anywhere.........ggrrrrrrr...............I am waiting to hear from them to get my money back and the antenna collected. I was hoping to rig up a small TV in the bedroom for DB.....forget it. It would cost me the best part of £100 to get another feed from the satellite dish into the bedroom, best part of £150 for a TV, he said the other TV was too small so its on freecycle, I am fed up with it being in the cupboard, another £100+ for a reconditioned freesat box.....he can go without.

Cleaners are here tomorrow, so whilst they are here I will shoot up to the village and pick up the TV choice. That's as far as I will go getting anywhere.

Catriona...if you send me your email as a comment I will not publish it, I can send you photo's of the fabric I have going spare. There are Christmas fabrics as well.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Not much changed in DB's condition. He is off the sickness medication from this morning, complaining of nausea and dizziness again, and hot.... I give up. I cannot do anything except wait for it to resolve again, tired of speaking to the Drs, no real help. At the rate we are going he is going to be bed bound before long. Looks like another night without supper for him. I will do myself a baked potato with cheese.

The chaps have been to the back door and sorted it, it closes much better now, needed screws adjusting, so hopefully no more gales blowing through the door.

I have been going through my fabric drawers I have a lot of cut squares of various sizes which I doubt I will ever use, no idea what to do with them, need to find someone who runs a class or something who could use them.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Yesterday was a reasonable day DB stayed up for his supper and it was 9.15 before he went to bed. Today not so good. He got up this morning and went for a walk round the garden, its been a nice bright day. Back in bed by 11am and is still there. He is very weak and I think he is also getting depressed. He has taken the last of one of his medications will see how he is tomorrow. It seems one step forward and two back. I do not seem to be able to get through to him that this is how Vertigo can be. 

Apart from sorting supper I have done very little. Thank goodness for borrowbox and google books.........

Monday, 15 January 2018


DB managed to stay up until 9pm last night. It was 1am before I put the light out. DB was still sleepy  this morning but he got up for his lunch and has been back up since 3pm, going to try and keep him up until 9pm again.

I managed a Nana nap in his chair whilst he had his siesta. He still gets slightly dizzy, but we do seem to be coming out the other side. He drops one of his medications tomorrow so I am hoping he is not going to be so sleepy once they have passed right through his system. We are still waiting to hear from the hospital what pain relief he may take for his headache.

A wash load done and dried. I used the dryer. Also managed to finish ironing the bed linen.

I have been doing some research on reduced salt foods. I can get some from various shops. I am going to have to make a list and buy several when I go, Sainsbugs, Morrison and Tesco all seem to do some. Whether our local stores will stock them is something else.

I am still very tired, but seem to be a bit better this week. The Dr said it will be 2 months before I am back to full fitness, that was before DB went down so I guess I can add at least 3 weeks to that.

I phoned SSE this morning, last autumn they refunded £100 from our  gas account, at this point in time the gas account is £81 in debt. The electricity account is over £100 in credit, so I asked them to transfer money over from the electric to the gas account. If they had left the £100 in the gas account I would not have had to this.

I cooked egg and chips tonight for OH, I had a lemon cheesecake which was very low salt, so he had a small slice.

Sunday, 14 January 2018


I have posted this several times before, DB has two problems 1st degree heart block for which he takes medication. He has also been a life long sufferer from VERTIGO which is is his present problem. Plus headache which started last August.

He has had several brain scans, no bleeding, no growth nothing unusual. His headache is thought to be the result of spondylosis in his neck.

I already get AA for him at the lower rate, doubt if they will raise it even though I am having to do quite a bit more for him.

He does exercises for his vestibular disturbance three times a day and takes medication for his headache, although we are waiting for a letter from the neurologist re some different pain relief for his headache. His present attack of vertigo was diagnosed as a severe one by the hospital. It can take weeks for it to resolve, which makes life difficult for me. It is by far the worst one he has ever had.

I have been coping with his various ailments for 28 years now, so the in sickness and  in health comment is entirely uncalled for. Perhaps you would like to change places with me???