Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Yesterday afternoon I nipped over to see our neighbour, when I got back DB informed me that he had passed out in the bedroom........he had found himself on the floor no idea how he got there! When I got back he was sitting in the sitting room..... 2am this morning he was awake moaning again, he went back to sleep, I was still awake at 5am, so had about 4 hours sleep again.......

This morning we were up breakfasted and away by 8.30 to the Drs. AT LAST someone has agreed with me that  in all probability its his spondylosis which is causing the headaches, he has been referred for an emergency appointment with a neurologist and given some medication which the Dr hopes will at least lessen the headaches to a dull roar. I think the Dr was a bit surprised when I cheered in the surgery. Her eyebrows shot up. She said she gathered I was ok with what she planned.

Back home he is out in the garden for an hour before he has his lunch and then goes for his siesta, I cannot go for a sleep we are expecting the computer chappie this afternoon, so hopefully I will sleep tonight.

Its another grey day, but really muggy, its supposed to clear, as long as the laundry dries on the line I am not bothered. I need to freeze the stock I made yesterday, the rest of the soup for lunch, no idea whats for supper, depends how I feel later, it could well be the last two ready meals in the freezer.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Yesterday was a better day although the headache persists, I am making an appointment for him to see the Dr, a referral to a neurologist has been suggested.

After his siesta we went up to the hospice and dropped off some stuff for the shop. Around 5pm DB said he felt tired, so laid down for about an hour, he was up in time to have his supper and stayed up for the rest of the evening.

He was restless for a while before he went to sleep, but we both got a reasonable night.

He went out in the garden for an hour this morning. Cucumbers picked, I pulled a leek for soup.

I spent the morning in the kitchen, make leek and lentil soup for lunch, used up some courgette and also green beans, I cooked too many last night. I also made the stock for scotch broth. I had 3 lamb bones, into the pressure cooker with carrot, onion, garlic and soaked soup mix. 20 minutes and it was done, have taken the remaining meat, what bit there was, off the bones and the stock is now in a big bowl cooling. I think it will be split into 2 lots one to use and and for the freezer. Salad prepped for supper tonight, just have to cook the jacket spud. 

DB confessed he was tired so went for his siesta, we are going to the surgery tomorrow, he still has the headache, paracetamol just does not touch it. The hospital told him not to take the codeine as it could make it worse.....what do you do???

I am about to put my feet up and read, I might also have a nap, although I did sleep fairly well.


I have received a couple of comments about my post yesterday. Before you comment you need to have lived in my shoes for the last 27 years!! I NEVER post nasty comments on any blog, if I cannot find something pleasant to write I do not comment. I have been vilified before, its getting extremely wearing, if you do not like what I post, which is a mirror of my thoughts, then buzz off and annoy someone else. DB is well aware of how I feel and why!!

Monday, 21 August 2017


Thank you for all your messages yesterday, it was kind of so many of you to contact me.

Before I start, I wish to make something clear, in the UK you do not pay for ambulances, they carry trained paramedics who can deal with an emergency and stabilize a patient before removal to hospital, they also carry out tests eg ECGs.BP stats levels.

We are 30 miles from the nearest hospital that has any information on DB's conditions, no way would I take him in the car. I never go in the ambulance with him, I cannot get back from the hospital especially on a sunday. I usually phone when I know enough time has lapsed for him to have at least been triaged.

We have to pay for car parking at any of our hospitals and the cost is astronomical if you are forced to park for more than a couple of hours. 

The hospital phoned me to update me on his condition, they had run a series of blood tests chest X Rays etc, he was waiting for a CT scan. They phoned later to say he was being sent home, all the tests had been satisfactory and transport was arranged. He arrived home just after 8pm. He still has the headache, he has to see our GP on Wednesday if it persists. He still has it this morning!!

He knew when he got home I was not happy, One of these days he will cry wolf and I will ignore him.........

We both slept, I had taken medication to make sure I did not lie awake, was up to the loo at 3am apart from that it was just after 8 when I woke up.

Its a grey morning, the bed has been stripped and is on the line, we are forecast rain, I hope it dries before it comes. Monday clean has also been done. DB has potted up some plants that arrived over the weekend, one hour strictly observed.....he is now reading a book on his tablet. After lunch he will go for his normal nap. I might then put him in the car and go up to the hospice to drop off some things for the shop.

Sliced the lamb, have done some more veggies so we will have yesterdays roast dinner today. DB pick raspberries, we have enough to have for dessert.

Several phone calls this morning, people concerned about DB, especially my neighbour who has just lost her husband, not so concerned about DB but about me which was kind of her.

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Lovely bright morning, just a bit of a breeze.

Better night last night. DB got up after breakfast, he has been in the garden for a bit, now back in bed. He did manage to stay up after supper last night.

 I am rather concerned, he was a bit breathless when we got back from looking for George, will see how he goes, bearing in mind that he had a clot in his lung last year. We went in the car and found George at the allotment, he is coming round next week to see about the concrete.


Hey ho DB is on his way to hospital, had problems breathing and chest pain, took 3 hours for an ambulance to get here!!

I will phone later and see whats going on. They will not tell me much over the phone, but I am not going in to sit around for hours and then have to drive home in the dark, There is something going on and it needs sorting, we have been at this for 3 weeks now. Its time something was done.

Had supper all prepped, I will cook the meat and then freeze it. the fruit for dessert I will also cook and freeze.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


I woke about 2am this morning, freezing DB had wrapped himself in the duvet and kicked the quilt off the bottom of the bed. It was after 4am before I managed to get back to sleep.

We were very late getting up, it was 10am before I managed into the shower. DB has been up for about 2 hours, had most of his lunch, now back in bed asleep. I had hoped that the medication would have worked out of his system by now.

Courgette, green beans and french beans picked this morning, took some green beans over to my neighbour, did some for our supper as well. I have some belly pork slices, I am going to cook them slowly in a casserole for supper.

The grass needs cutting, when D gets back from the caravan I will get him to do it for me. I really need to get into the herbaceous border and do some weeding and cutting back, the lavatera is taking over the border and the grass. I also need to get the trellis for the back of the house and start training the clematis onto it. The base for the first shed in the garden also needs prising up and the ground leveling a bit. I need to see George.

Its a fine, but a stiff breezy day, I have the quilt from the back of the settee on the line having a freshen up, I could do with taking the cover off and washing it. I have to put it back on damp so it stretches, do not know if my hands would manage it.

There is constant noise on the lane, tractors going up and down getting the rest of the harvest in before the weather changes, there are signs of an early autumn, its cold first thing and in the evening when the sun goes down, it was 11c this morning when I got up to get the breakfast. The village children have started attacking the chestnut tree by the Doctors, the nuts are not ripe enough yet although the leaves seem to be falling.

Quite a few of the local fields have been ploughed and appear to have been sown with a winter crop. The leeks in the garden are bulking up, so leek based soup on the cards. We had leek and potato soup at lunch with hm bread.

No sewing done, cannot concentrate whilst DB is under the weather.

Friday, 18 August 2017

At Last

A better nights sleep!! I did rouse a couple of time, but slept from 10.30pm till about 7.30am. DB still has a slight headache but not as bad as it has been however, he is still sleeping for England.....I am hoping today will be the last day, otherwise it will be the Dr again. The vile medication should have cleared his system by then.

I put a load of coloureds through the wash, it is fine and sunny in bits, it has almost dried on the line, so will be fetching it in shortly, the forecast is for showers later.

E came round to collect the bag I altered the strap on, she said she would see me later.

I have a load of stuff for the hospice, I am going to ring R and see if he will collect it next time he is passing, I cannot see us getting there anytime soon and I could do with it out of the way.

Friday clean done, the sitting room was quite dusty, cleaned the windows inside as well, whilst I had the floor mop in my hands I went over the front and back doors to get rid of the dust and muck that accumulates on them, including a couple of spiders who thought they might stay for the winter....sorry chaps....not on these doors. I also discovered a spider had decided that a web between the freezer and the wall in the kitchen, would  be a good idea.......afraid not.


4pm. DB has just got up, he says he has no headache, we will see how long he lasts this time.

We had a massive rainstorm just after lunch, a good job I managed to get the laundry in before it started, quite a heavy down pour for a time with thunder. 

Well that did not last long 5pm and he is back in bed asleep, rang to see if his results were back, some of them were the rest were not, so  I guess it will be Monday.

Fish and chips for supper.........

Thursday, 17 August 2017

That was the night that was!!

7pm last night after supper DB retired to bed and slept the clock round and more.  He did get up for breakfast but was soon back in bed. I phoned to speak to the Dr. She phone about 11.30 and has taken DB off the medication, he has to take codeine for his a trip to the chemist to collect his new medication. We have to ring tomorrow to see what the blood test says.

Another night I did not sleep well, I did manage a nap this afternoon after lunch, but only for a short while. A council workman woke me hammering on the door, we had reported that there was a crack under the toilet window, it is going to get repaired.

DB was still sleeping when I went out to the chemist, he managed to wake up long enough to have a cup of tea and eat a donut. He is still awake now, how long for is another matter.

It had rained overnight, but after breakfast the sun came out and it has been a lovely day, not that I have seen much of it.

I am hoping for a better night tonight, the medication should have cleared DB's system and maybe the codeine will clear the headache.