Friday, 24 March 2017

Sunny Friday

Pity I have not laundry to go out!!

It started bright, then went dullish for an hour or two, but the sun is shining again now.

The chair arrived just before 10am, it is higher than DB chair and my feet touch the floor when I am sitting in it without the footrest up, its very comfortable.

Looking from the door to the  sitting room, My chair is further back then DB's to allow access to the kitchen, plus he needs to sit closer to the TV to see it properly.

Sitting in my chair looking towards the door into the hall.

DB spent an hour in the front garden weeding the beds, the daffs etc make it  look very pretty just now. I need to make sure I get all the large daff bulbs out and dry them off, I will plant them in the back in the autumn.

The bag was finished and I have delivered it, also had news re the Artisan Fair in November, E and I are going over after Easter to take some of my stuff and suss the place out.

I have a Drs appointment this afternoon, expecting him to put up the Ramapril again to see what happens. I also have a sample for testing I am sure the UTI has not cleared despite the last lot of medication.

Grilled fish tonight with jacket spud and salad.

We are off on a jolly tomorrow, so I need to make up some rolls tonight for a picnic.........

More information coming out about Wednesdays attack, another person died last night, so sad. A large sum of money has been raised for the policeman's family. They are going to need every penny.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


This time yesterday TV was showing live pictures of the carnage on Westminster Bridge, today the investigations continue, innocent people dead, one a mother of 2 children, another a policeman also with two children. I am so sad and very angry that once again we have been targeted by extremists, worse still the authorities knew about him.

We set off to the wood yard after breakfast and ordered the wood for the raised beds, it will be delivered next week, then on to Loughborough to look at the relaxa chair, it will be delivered tomorrow, so this afternoon I had to move the sitting room round a bit to make room for it. Photo when its in place.

The bag is finished and ready to be delivered tomorrow once the chair has arrived.

It was very misty over the vale when we went out but the mist cleared and by the time we came home, the sun was shining. Its still quite cold though.

I raked out a container of beef stew from the freezer, veggies done ready for supper. We had pate on toast last night for supper after our fish and chip lunch, finished off a piece of christmas cake we were given and I forgot about.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Well there has been an attack  on Parliament, it would appear that a woman has died......things are very jumbled just now but it has been declared a terrorist attack. There is wall to wall on TV, all programmes have been cancelled to cover what is going on.

Our day is very tame in contrast.....we were away early, DB went for haircut, I went to the bank to pay money in and also pick up shoe boxes that Argos owed me from January.

Morrison for a couple of things, then took the carrera marble lamp to the electrician to get a new lamp holder fitted. A top up shop at Lidl for 10 days.

DB used to do surveys and get gift cards, they used to be for Tesco, but recently they changed to Sainsbury, I do not shop at Sainsbury so was at a bit of a loss as to how we were going to use the cards. Our neighbour told us that Sainsbury do a really good fish and chip lunch, so we decided to partake.

The meal was cooked to order, the fish was delicious and the chips and peas freshly cooked, so we really enjoyed our lunch and a pot of tea. I just had to put a pound to the cards, fish and chip for two and tea for two came to just over £13.00.

It rained heavily whilst we were out, but since we got home the sun has come out. I have had to dry the laundry in the dryer or on the radiators, no way would it have dried outside,

Tomorrow we are going to have a look at the rise and recliner chair in Loughborough, and also to the wood yard to order the wood for the raised beds.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


A lovely bright day, although quite windy. At least its dried the washing. I put out a second load of towels once I got back from the Drs.

Chiropodist here this morning, so our feet are fine for a while longer. She knows of a cleaner who is looking for some more jobs and also going to see if she can find a joiner for us to sort the door in the bathroom.

Spag bol sauce prepped for supper, also chopped up the left over chicken with onion, mixed in mayo and made sarnies for lunch, finished off yesterdays salad with it.

Melton tomorrow, DB needs a haircut, I need to go to the bank and do a bit of shopping to see us through to the beginning of next month. I have a voucher for Sainsbury, our friends tell us they do good fish and chips, so we are going to treat ourselves to lunch out. I have also done the menu for April including our holiday menu. We have pencilled in a couple of days out, those days we will eat  out at lunchtime and just have a snack for supper.

I have done some financial planning, we should have put back the cost of our move here by the end of August, so things will be a little easier for us. I will not be loosening the purse strings however. I will be spending some of it on a cleaner 2 hours a week. We may also need to get the brakes done on the car. I do put money to one side for the car, but it does not include large expenses, just insurance, breakdown etc. I may also employ someone to help DB with the garden. Cruising in the Med will have to wait!!

Will be doing a bit more on the bag this afternoon. I have put the outside pocket in, need to cut the lining and sew the inside pocket on, then it can be put together, I also ordered some more zips from E Bay for zipper bags.

DB just off for his siesta.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Rain, sleet, snow, sun

All in the one day.

It was fine first thing,then it started to rain, by lunchtime it was sleeting and then finished up slinging it down........the sun has just come out......

I have been swithering for a while about getting a rise and recliner chair for myself.......our sitting room is not large, and I do not want to loose the settee, how ever I think I have found a way. We are going to look at a chair there on Thursday.

Monday clean done plus the kitchen. DB wielded the dyson for me, also cleaned the windows  inside at the front they were looking a bit grubby.

Chicken  left from last night cut up for supper tonight and enough to make sandwich filling for lunch tomorrow.

I have cut out the straps for the bag, need to overlock the edges which I will be doing shortly, I also need to cut the lining, then I can sew the handles and start putting the bag together.

I ordered a sim card for the MiFi, it came this morning, I am going to make a zipper bag to take the Mifi and the charger, so everything is together. I can also put the cable to my phone charger in it, I can never find it when I want it.

Did not sleep too well last night, it was 5am again before I drifted off, its beginning to annoy me now.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Slow Sunday

Our usual laid back Sunday Breakfast in bed. Once up I prepped the veggies for supper then spent the rest of the morning reading.

I have cut out the bits for the bag thats been ordered, overlocked all round the edges of the bag to stop the fabric fraying. Have also cut out the pockets for the outside and the lining. Just have the handles to sort and I can start putting it together.

I decided to put an advert in the local village newsletter for one to one quilting tuition, will see what happens, if I get a couple of ladies, its better than nothing, will keep me out of mischief.

Rather a dull windy day, the sun keeps trying to break through but then gives up in disgust........the wind is quite cold too.

Roast chicken for supper with all the trimmings.

DB is about to go for his siesta, so I will be using his relaxa chair for half an hour. I could do with one for myself, but no room to put one. I bought DB's about 10 years ago from a stall in the market at Beaumont Leys which sold various bits of furniture, its been a really good buy. 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Wot a dull day

Very dull and overcast today, it started to rain just before lunch.

DB went out to the shed, he was looking for something he could not find, so decided to tidy it up. He also weeded the path up past the shed to the garden.

I went across to see our neighbour this morning, he is looking a lot better, off his oxygen for more than an hour at a time just now. His son is here from South Africa and he has been taking him out in his wheelchair.

An order yesterday for a bag, slightly smaller than the demo bag, I have the measurements, plan to cut it out tomorrow, would like to get it done next week.

Nothing planned for this afternoon,will sit and read for a while, then might do a bit of sewing, see how I feel.

Corned beef stovies for supper tonight.

Stovies recipe is on the recipe page at the top of my Blog.