Friday, 15 December 2017


A bitterly cold morning. I had done a load of washing overnight, so straight after breakfast I put it out on the line. By lunch time a majority of the thinner things were dry, so I brought it in, it airing off now.

I had a bit of ironing to do, DB went out to the shed, all the boxes etc are now in the shed, out of the sentry box, we hope to get them empty by Sunday then they can go back to R & J. We were so thankful then lent them to us twice.......

A quiet day, its 2 years since I got that awful call from DD2 to say that her brother had been found dead. We did nip out this afternoon, DB had used up all his cough sweets and needed more from the chemist.

When we got back DB went and played postman, putting the cards through the doors in the close.

Our usual fish supper tonight.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


Eeeee by gum its rare outside..... it has been sunny but the wind is keeping the chill factor very low.

Bad night for me. DB was having a session of the fidgets, we were drinking tea at 1am, he went off to sleep, I was still awake at 5am, did manage a couple of hours after that. Got brought my breakfast in bed, so I did not get up until 10.30.

Did a load of washing, I did hank it out for a while but its not dried much, have another load going in tonight.

We were going to my quilting friend, but she rang on Wednesday to say she had double booked, so we changed it to next Thursday, this time its me that has double booked, my niece is coming for lunch, so its been moved back a day to the Friday.

I have finished the tablets, but am still feeling 50% under, no idea why. When I had my pace maker put in I was told within 12 months I would be knocking the world over. Don't know what happened, but thats very much not the case 2 1/2 years later. My back has also decided to remind me that its there, so cannot stand for long either. I think a visit to the Drs. after the holiday is going to be on the cards. I will be making an appointment, not going to the open surgery, there is no telling what I might pick up there!!

Cauli and calabrese gratin with baked tomato's and jacket spuds for supper tonight. Might have a mince pie for dessert.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Wednesday = where has the snow gone.

When we woke up the grass and road at the front was clear of any snow, just a bit scattered on the pavement.

The roads were fine going into Melton, we called at the hospital to get new batteries for our hearing aids, then put fuel in the car. I like to keep it topped up in the winter.

On to DD2's where we inspected the finished kitchen, very nice too, she gave us a carrier bag full of treats, prosecco, sweets, white toblerone, shortbread, Christmas pudding, christmas we will not starve over the holiday.

Our visit to my quilting friend has been put back a week, she is out tomorrow, so if its at all reasonable we will be putting the stuff from the sentry box back into the shed. Once the sentry box is empty I can put the dustbin of compost back in and also the big canes we use for the climbing beans.

After visiting DD2 we went on to B & Q to get some wood filler, to

First Christmas for this little chap.

fill a couple of knot holes, then Aldi. On the way home we called in at Harby to collect the TV choice for next week and the two bumper weeks up to 5th January. DB can sit and mark off what he wants to watch.

 It was after 1pm when we got home, so soup and bread and DB took himself off for his siesta. I watched Love, Lies and Records on catch up TV, hopefully I will be able to watch it 'live' tomorrow night. Its a very good programme, I am enjoying it. 

Decided on Chicken and bacon pie with mash and veggies for supper, I will make some white sauce, there is not enough in the pies them selves.

I am now shattered......spending the evening on the settee........

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Bright blue sky and the sun is out but its very cold. I left the heating on low again over night, so the chill was off when we got up. We still have snow lying, but our neighbour tells us that the roads are ok.

I baked a ring of scone first thing, have also pulled out the 'houses' that came from the USA many years ago. I only put them out for a short while and then they go back in their boxes till next year. One strand of fairy lights and thats it.

The dresser with the lights on.

Our local chemist delivered our medication to see us over the holiday, so apart from a few bits Christmas is ready. I have my niece coming for lunch on 22nd, and then it will be shutters down until after the holiday.

I cooked bol sauce yesterday, its spag bol for supper tonight.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Monday - another snowy day

The snow is still lying, although it appears we have had no more snow overnight.

The chiropodist came this morning, she says that there was a piece inside our front gate thats a sheet of ice, So its had salt poured on it, the lids was frozen to the compost bin so we are having to put the peelings etc in a bucket.

The back garden this morning, the bushes look pretty with the snow on them.

Can you believe this 4 geraniums still flowering, I think they are protected by the overhang of the eves. The snow shovel is there ready for action.

I managed to make a lemon drizzle cake, its in the oven, will make the scones fresh in the morning, thats unless R & J phone to say they cannot get out over the bridge.

At lunchtime I put a loaf on and then cooked the bol sauce for tomorrows supper with some spaghetti and garlic bread.

Sunset tonight, the snow on the houses at the back of us was pink.

Neither of us have been outside apart from going to the shed to get the veg we had hung up in a string bag.

If its fine in the morning we may try and get the rest of the shed stuff out of the sentry box and back into the shed........

Supper tonight cold chicken and ham, jacket spuds, tomato and cucumber salad. fresh fruit for dessert.

Sunday, 10 December 2017


Last night I turned the thermostat down but left the heat on low, so by the time I went through to get our Sunday morning brekkie the chill was off the house. Turned it up to 18c for an hour or so and then down to 15c except for the living room, the radiator in there is off, we have the fire lit again today.

Opening the curtains we had seen a slight snow fall, but the time I had walked through to the kitchen, put on the coffee and drawn the curtains it was falling steadily as it has all day. 

No shed work done today, the path up to the shed is like glass, it will have to wait another couple of days.

R & J have a hump back bridge over the canal on their way into
 the village, wonder if they made it in to chapel this morning.......

We have spent the day in the warm, we were late getting breakfast we just had fruit at lunchtime, so the chicken for our supper is almost ready I just have the veg and roasties to cook. There is a programme on my combi microwave for roast potato's, I am going to try it out see what they turn out like.

Busy week again tuesday we have friends coming for a cup of tea, Wednesday we are going to see DD2 and on Thursday we are off to see my quilting Guru.  Friday will be a quiet day remembering Nicholas who died on 15th December 2015. Christmas is not a good time in our family.

Thankfully the medication is doing its job........3 days still to go.

So roast chicken, spuds, cauli, calabrese and carrot for supper. No dessert tonight we have fresh fruit to eat.

Saturday, 9 December 2017


We were late getting up this morning, I did not wake until after 8.30. So a quick nip into the shower and breakfast.

DB wanted to get stuff back into the shed, I hauled the table, which weighs a tonne, out and then the legs, took me about 10 minutes to re-assemble it. Two shelf units from the coal house, now I can light the fire again, the plastic chest the lawn mower, and two bags of garden nets. At this point my back was screaming NOOOO!! so I announced it was time to go in.

The medication is working its magic, but it does make me feel tired. 4 days to go.

I had to fill the boiler up this morning, the pressure was a bit snow as yet but its bitterly cold, we are forecast snow tonight and all tomorrow. Shades of 2010 in East Linton. We do have a bus route through the village so we should not be too bad. It takes you a roundabout way into Melton but not keen on taking the short route, the hill will be like glass if we get snow. I am going to turn the thermostat down when we go to bed and switch the clock to 24 hours.

I need to get my baking head on, we have visitors coming on Tuesday, think it will be scones and lemon drizzle cake. Quick and easy.

We just had cheese and biscuits last night after our huge lunch, tonights supper, all day breakfast, bacon, sausage, egg, tomato and fried bread.