Sunday, 22 October 2017

Some one is enjoying himself


Our usual Sunday breakfast and then up, shower and off to Aldi to do some shopping, I ended up buying more than was on my list, but it should keep me going for another 2 weeks.

We carried on to DD2's her kitchen is painted and ready for the floor to go down, its another 2 weeks before the units get put in, so half her kitchen stuff is in the living room. 

Its been very windy here for the last 2 days but not a lot of rain, its bitter out side so I have lit the sitting room fire. I will fire the central heating up later.

Roast pork for supper with roast spuds, cauli, calabrese and carrots, I have put some thick sliced courgette under the pork, yummy. No dessert planned....

We collected wedding cake from DD2 and had it with our afternoon tea, It was very nice although DB was not too keen on the fruit cake layer he had.

Heard from my Oz niece, her grand daughter was awake at 4.30am this morning.......I am so glad they are not staying with us.

I got stuck into a book last night and read until after 1am, a bit dopey first thing.

Saturday, 21 October 2017


We were late waking this morning and I was even later getting up!! DB brought me my breakfast in bed. He went out into the garden, whilst I sorted out tonight supper, beef casserole and veggies. We did not finish the strawberries in jelly last night, so there is enough for tonight.

It was very sunny this morning, but a strong wind blowing, according to the forecast we are due the storm later this evening.

No sewing done, I really must buckle down and get the legs sorted on those track suit trousers.

We both had a rest after lunch, DB slept, I was reading. We spent the afternoon watching repeats of Lewis.

Life is a bit flat after last Sunday, one photograph has come through from those the photographer took.

Bex and Joe cutting their cake, unusual in black and white, but I really like it.

The holiday seems to be going well, apart from a monsoon on Thursday.

My niece and her family have arrived safe and sound. They will be catching up with friends and relatives whilst they are here. Their little Grand daughter was very good on the flight, which was a relief for them, its a long flight from Aus. We will be catching up with them in two weeks when the honeymooners get back.

Friday, 20 October 2017


Woke to bright sunshine, but it soon dulled down and began to rain, after lunch it got steadily colder.

Friday clean done, we were late waking so the morning was gone by the time I finished. I made a pot of lentil soup for lunch, with some bread and butter.

I did lay down after lunch, but did not manage to sleep, OH did, I have a pair of track suit trousers to take up, will try and get them done over the weekend. I hate turning trousers up, especially if I have to cut the extra fabric off.

Fish, chips and peas for supper tonight, will finish off the strawberries in jelly in the fridge for dessert.

I wonder how far round the world my niece is with her family, they left yesterday, although that was Friday in Oz. Guess they will land sometime tomorrow. Will be glad they have got here safely.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


and its wet.

DB wanted to go and get his ears syringed, so up early and off to the Drs. We were there about an hour. Apparently now, if you ask to see the nurse and you have not been seen by a Doctor, and referred, you have to see the Doctor first. What a waste of time, it took us at least an extra half an hour.

When we got out of the surgery it was chucking it down, so no gardening and no shed work.

I logged onto my bank account as I do every morning, to my surprise SSE have repaid me £100+ from our gas account. Why? that money will certainly be quickly used up once the central heating is on all day, they have also reduced the direct debit, how daft is that.................however its better gaining interest in my bank rather than theirs.

No idea whats for supper, last nights cheese pie and beans went down well, we will eat the left over beans on toast at lunchtime. Have just used up some of the frozen strawberries in jelly for dessert. Think I might get sausage out and do sausage with mash and veg. I can cook the sausage in the remoska and make the gravy in the pan as the sausages cook.

We are running out of milk and bread, hopefully we have enough milk to last till Sunday, we are going to DD2's to collect our wedding cake, so can call at Aldi. I might not need to shop until the first week in November then. There is still plenty of meat in the freezer. I might need a bit of fruit and salad stuff to keep me going now the garden has more or less stopped producing.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Denny and Gran dad on his travels.

Family arrived safe and sound in Mexico, Denny behaved very well on the flight, so a pleasant journey for everyone.

Its been a nasty day, very overcast and when we went out this afternoon it was wet with the horrid smirr which wets you through.

I managed to do the ironing this morning whilst DB was out in his man shed and also prepped cheese pie for supper. After DB had his siesta we went to Dove Cottage tea room for tea, scones jam and cream. A small personal celebration. I fell again for a small crystal preserve jar with a lid......oh dear I am supposed to be down sizing my crystal.

It was so cold when we got back so I lit the fire,

An evening by the fire watching TV I think.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Windy Tuesday

It was late yesterday afternoon before the wind really reached us. after lunch the sky turned a really funny colour which lasted for about half an hour. By supper time the wind was really gusting but not nearly so bad as other people had it.

This morning we have bright sun, but its windy and the wind is keeping things cooler.

DD1, DSIL and the newly weds are due to fly to Mexico this morning, I know Manchester airport was closed for most of yesterday, I hope today is better and they are able to get off. Mind you I would hesitate to take a baby on a 10 hour flight, I hope he sleeps most of the way for the other passengers sake.

I slept ok last night, but do feel very tired today, so am going to have a steady day. I need to finish off the Monday clean, only managed to change the bed and hang the laundry out yesterday. There is a pile of ironing but it will have to wait.

I had asked my neighbours cleaners to contact me but they have not done so. I will be looking elsewhere for someone to clean for me. If they cannot be bothered to ring, then I cannot be bothered to employ them!!

Photos are still coming in from the wedding, there is one from the official photographer which is very nice, I look forward to seeing the rest.

I managed to get 2 lots of washing dry on the line. So laundry is up to date.

Egg and chips for supper tonight....... strawberries have finished, so it will be the last of the tinned peaches tonight, how have the mighty fallen????