Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Its raining Yay!!

It started raining during the night and is continuing this morning. We could do with it like this for several days, the ground is so dried out.

Techie man has been and sorted out DB with the reading app, I have ordered a cheap tablet for him so he can use borrowbox and read in bed instead of having to take the lap top to bed with him. Bust the budget a bit, never mind, did a bit of jiggling to pay for it.

Toad in the hole with veg tonight. I ordered 3 dinners from WFF they came this morning, so should the unforseen happen there are meals in the freezer for DB.

I am about to cut out 4 table mats and experiment with grandmothers fan in the corner......I have quite a few scraps in the scrap box, hoping to be able to use them for the fans.

DB is not able to garden today, we have started getting trouble with the blasted cat from across the road using the wood chip for a toilet, that is what killed the lavender in the first place. The scarer seems to have stopped working, I need to charge up the battery. Some one also recommended extra strong chilli powder, she says it works on her garden, she gets it from Asda, will message her and ask her to get me some the next time she is in.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


It has been a much duller day, we still have the breeze and there have been a couple of rain showers, not much though, hardly wet the ground.

DB was in the garden this morning, he made up some of the stinky comfrey feed and watered all the veg and some of the plants in the border. I knew when he came into the house he had been at the comfrey it really does hink, but it makes a good feed for plants.

I did the ironing from yesterday and then continued with 'The Bag'

Its finished...boy was it hard to sew, the fabric is heavy taperstry, it has a pocked on the front, lined with three pockets inside and a squared bottom. I need to make a covered piece to fit in the borrom, need to look for a stout piece of cardboard.

There is more tapestry fabric in the bags I was given, but will not be doing another bag for a while, there is some lighter curtain samples, going to look at those to maybe make a patchwork sewing bag or some such, depends what I find.

Stovies for supper...raspberries for dessert.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Rain? what rain?

Once again we woke to blue sky, sunshine and a slight breeze, its hot in the sun. No rain so I guess we will be watering again tonight.

Bed stripped, now on the line blowing lazily in the slight breeze, just enough to keep cool. Monday clean done......

DB cut the front grass, he had a job to do in the front but he says it will have to wait until its cooler, the sun will move round to the back around mid day. He is pottering in the back just now. The raspberries are picking well.

Yesterday afternoon I sewed down some of the binding on the tree skirt, I made myself use 2 needles of thread, then filled the needles for today. Cut out a bag and straps from the tapestry fabric that was in the bag of fabric I was given. I found some fabric which tones in well for the lining. The fabric frays like mad, I used a whole bobbin of cotton to overlock the sides of the fabric, had to refill it to start sewing, pocket is made and lined, I just have to turn it back out and clip the corners, they are too thick as they are. Need to sort out the handles, I am hoping to sew down the seam and then turn them through, again the fabric is too thick to make handles the usual way, I can see this is going to be fun. Will put a pocket on the lining as well.

Spag bol and garlic bread for supper tonight. I need to go through the freezer, I am hoping not to have to go shopping until the middle of next week.....fingers crossed.

The postman knocked at the door at lunch time.......

The lavender was full of liny butterflies and bees, I just managed to catch a couple.

First time I have seen so many bees and butterflies on the lavender by the front gate.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


The forecast for today was rain......where is it then, its fine, slight sunshine with a breeze.....I did not strip the bed because of the forecast........Emptied the laundry basket, the laundry will shortly be on the line. The forecast have been all up the alley since Wednesday, just a couple of showers, no heavy thunder storms as we were told there would be.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed.

The remains of the wood chippings, you can see the size of the original bag, it was full to the top.

DB had been out this morning cutting back the ivy in our side, we now need someone with a pruning saw to cut the smaller branches and an electric saw to cut down the main trunk. It will then be drilled and SBK put in the holes. Covered with a plastic bag in a couple of years it should be dead and we will be able to remove the stump......heres hoping.

No plans for the rest of the day apart from getting the supper, roast pork. I may start sewing down the binding on the tree skirt, on the other hand I might just sit and read.

Saturday, 24 June 2017


A little sun first thing, but a breeze which keeps it cooler.

After breakfast we started spreading the wood mulch on the front garden, I am positive this bag is bigger than the last one. We completed one side of the garden and then stopped for lunch.

When we went round the back out side neighbour was cutting back the ivy with secateurs, DB offered to go round with the loppers, of course I had to get roped in as well.....however we have cleared it mostly from her side, the rest needs clearing from ours. It will have to wait another day.

The orchid from the bathroom, there are 2 flower stalks on this one.

DB has had his siesta, he is watching the last day at Ascot, we will be going out shortly to finish putting the wood chips down on the front, and then I will see if I can get it round to the back garden, its too big to lift so it will have to be dragged. I will then shovel it into the wheel barrow to tip it on the paths between the veg beds.

DB has taken the net off the strawberries, he is picking raspberries now.......

Officially crackered, all the front flower beds are covered with a deep layer of wood chip, by this time next year it will need doing again. We have over half the sack left for the paths at the back. Dragged the bag round, so now I need to sit and recover.

Macaroni and cheese for supper, jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad. We will finish off the strawberries for dessert.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Another dull day

It is very grey and windy, we keep getting small showers, nothing like the storms we were told to expect.

We were up at 7.30, the wood arrived at 7.45, same chap as before, soon unloaded and on the front grass, I have moved the wood round to the back, we might start and empty the wood chippings this afternoon. DB has almost finished weeding the front beds. I need to seriously think about plants to fill up the empty spaces.

I have a feeling that P is fading fast. The actual LOROS mini bus arrived to pick B up just before 9.30 this morning, she was not carrying a bag when she got into the bus......we are wondering if they have called her in. She does not usually go in until about 11am. Time will tell.

I washed the bath towels they are dancing on the line, despite the showers they are drying in the wind, I may fetch them in and finish them off on the airer although the sky appears to be clearing.

The fields round about us are shorn of their crops, the farmers have been busy harvesting during the fine spell, tractors lorries and combine harvesters along the roads.......the rolls of silage and hay are appearing in the farm yards.

The strawberries have almost finished, DB picked half a bowl of raspberries this morning. I need to get some sugar and make the strawberry jam, I also plan to make some strawberry and rhubarb for a change. No chance of the raspberries getting frozen, DB loves them more than strawberries.

I have mounted the piece of trellis against the coal house, it needs screwing on then I can start to train the clematis up it. I want it to cover the side of the coal house eventually. Still no news from the council about the shed. DB was on the phone again this morning. He is talking about just going ahead with the shed regardless.......its not going to happen yet. I have to get the cash in the bank first and we need to empty the old shed and get it removed.

I am doing a bit of decluttering in the kitchen cupboards, anything that has not been used in the last 12 months is going out, I have several cake tins which I thought I might use, but cake is not on the menu very often and its usually a lemon drizzle or carrot cake, although I do make the very occasional victoria sponge, I use a deep tin and cut it in half, as I used to do for the teas at Suntrap. I do make scones quite a bit too, not too  much fat and sugar in those, its the butter, jam and cream you put on that does the damage!!

Fish and chips tonight, the first cooked meal for a week, we have been living on salad whilst it has been so hot.

Will be settling down to watch Ascot after lunch whilst DB has his siesta.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Much cooler

No sun this morning, very grey and overcast.

Into Melton first thing to collect the sprayer and also a couple of things from Lidl. There were spots of rain on the way back, but by the time we got home the rain was not in sight. At lunch time it was looking a bit black.........

DB started weeding the front garden ready for more of the wood chip to go down tomorrow.

I watered the pots close to the house and then picked some rhubarb for our over the fence neighbour. There is quite a lot up there, I think I will be pulling some for the freezer.

DB came in with a dish of strawberries, he had found a baby blackbird under the net eating strawberries, he took the net off so the bird could fly away.

No plans for the afternoon, might watch the racing from Ascot, or maybe start hand sewing the binding down on the tree skirt.

Supper tonight ham salad with new potato's.

The Hydrangea in the back is one I grew from a cutting.

Rose on the arch.

Another rose on the arch, this one has not climbed very far but is full of flower.